Patchwork City QAL: Skylight Block

“A day late and a dollar short.”  That is how I have felt all month!  I am just posting my Patchwork City QAL block of the week.  It should have been yesterday, at least I am only a day late this time.  No promises next week either – this is a busy month for me.

Here are links to the past blocks:

Feel free to join in here or go back to the beginning and catch up.  You will need the Patchwork City book by Elizabeth Hartman.  We will be completing each of the 5″ x 14″ blocks, all 25 of them, each Friday.

Today’s block is called skylight.  It has 2 1/2″ squares of a kite template with triangles on each side to make it a square.  Four of those together make a unit.  Three units into a block with strips between.  Very interesting design.  This is the first time I have actually used a kite template.  I have a plastic one but have not used it yet.  Here is the pattern from the book:Skylight - pattern.JPG

Next I cut and laid out all of my fabric in the correct order, ready to sew – looks like I forgot to cut something:Skylight - fabric layout.JPG

I felt like I needed to cut each square to the proper size.  Most were more wonky than this one.Skylight - squaring up mini block

The sewing was quick and I reached this point – just had to sew the last strips on to make it complete:Skylight - almost done.JPG

Skylight block completed!Skylight - finished

Here are all 9 weeks together:Patchwork City QAL - week 9

I really like the scrappy look of all of these designs together!  Which is your favorite?

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