Patchwork City QAL: Haircut Block

I have finally finished my week 8 block of the Patchwork City QAL!  It was due on Thursday or Friday of last week, today is Monday.  I thought about just skipping and postponing it to the end of this week but decided that I do not want to be behind.  If I stay on track I may have it sashed, quilted and bound in time for the 4th of July!  That would be great since I am using red and blue scraps from my stash for the blocks.  Go deadlines, even if they are a little late.  So this week I will post 2, one very late from last week and one on time – or so the plan is right now, talk to me later this week!

If you are just joining in you can join now  with this block or go back and catch up – either is fine.  You will need your own copy of Patchwork City by Elizabeth Hartman and fabrics.  We will be making each of the 5″x14″ finished size blocks.

Here are links to the past weeks blocks:

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Patchwork City Quilt Along (QAL) – City Hall block

This week the block is called Haircut.  It makes me think of my boy’s hair – always sticking up and looking like “bed head.”  Here is the pattern:Haircut block pattern.JPG

This block was all cut pieces, no freezer paper template – so a nice and fast block.  I think I sewed it all up in 30 minutes or less, while I was waiting for my kiddos to be ready for school.  I did cut all the blocks last night.

Here is the fabric layout ready for sewing at my sewing station:Haircut block fabric laid out

Each piece had a diagonal seam that I did not mark.  I just sewed it free-hand.  (The line below was drawn on the photo, not the fabric.)   It did depend on which way the fabric was laid out to make it the correct angles to match the pattern.  The book does a GREAT job of helping to orient each of the directions.Haircut block diagonal sewingI am a serial chain-piecer so there was a line of seven, all connected, at my ironing station.Haircut block chain pieced

After I set the seams I took them all to my cutting table and cut off the excess.  I like to keep the two sides together to attach later.Haircut block remants

I then sewed these little remnants together and will add somewhere and somehow to the finished quilt.  Some of them flipped up for the photo – ugh.Haircut block remants complete

After making each row I then attached them into the column, a few sections at a time.Haircut block attaching sets

The finished product was a quick one!Haircut block complete

With this block and many of the past ones I keep repeating a theme: red fabric with stars and dots; blue fabric with plaid, mostly in navy.  I have quite a bit of those two designs features and seem to be drawn to them.  This block follows that theme also.

This could be a fun design to make into many rows and columns for an entire quilt.  Think rainbow shades on one side and gray or white on the other.  It could be stunning!

On this block I chose to have all the red on one side and all blue on the other.  It made it much easier to orient the sections.  I started with thinking all mixed up but wanted it this way for speed, convenience and it was the look I decided on in the end.

Here are all eight weeks of blocks together:Patchwork City QAL week 8I placed all the red with dots and stars on the top and everything else on the bottom.  Really coming together nicely – don’t yu think?


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