Charity Quilting

Today I was able to return to my Wednesday quilting group that I call Lutheran Quilting Ladies.  I have posted about this group before here and I love to attend, even though I am younger than most by a generation, or 2 in some cases.

I have had so many work and other volunteer obligations lately that I have not been able to quilt or blog for nearly a week.  In some cases it was a nice break and in others I have missed it.  I needed today to remember why I love quilting on so many levels.

I do not plan on doing long explanations today, mostly just posting photos of our fun.

Lutheran Quilting 1.JPGSome quilts are really beautiful and others are just to keep people warm.  This was one of the better coordinated and fun quilts we worked on today.

This fabric is being sorted and organized into sets for turning into quilts or 4 patches to eventually be made into quilts.

The room that fabric is kept in is here with organized boxes.  Notice the 2 folded batts on top in the photo on the left?

On the left is the roll of batting that has taken a few weeks to “rest” and become full.  The right is us unrolling it and cutting it to size for each quilt.  It is then folded up.Lutheran Quilting 8

This is all the individual batts that were cut today, after sewing and tying were finished (on the top shelf).  After each was folded they stay here so we can use a single stack (8 in each) for a week.  We cut a new roll every 3-4 weeks.

Lutheran Quilting 10.JPG

Here is the ironing station.  All of these stacks are waiting to be ironed and then distributed to their next stations.

Lutheran Quilting 11

Nearly all quilts we work on are full/queen sizes.  These two are lap sizes and are for a local foster home.  They coordinate but are different, just in case they go to the same home they can be identified for the correct child.  They are a soft flannel on both sides.

Lutheran Quilting 9.JPG

Here are those we finished today, minus one.  One was taken home to be bound in a different color of thread by our “binding expert.”  It will be given to the man who performs tune ups on all of the sewing machines we use.  He does not take any money for his service but this is a way we can say thank you.

How do you say thank you to someone who will not take a payment for their service?

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