#30 Quilt Design Challenge, part 2

I wanted to share more of my quilt designs with you today.  I just completed number 30 and still going strong.  I still plan to continue creating until the deadline in April.  If you missed part 1 check it out here.

The challenge is to create a quilt block and turn it into a quilt.  Here are some new designs that I have.

copyright Othello Quilter, #11 of 2018.JPG

This is block #11 designed on Valentine’s Day – a mermaid tail.  It is similar in design to the yin/yang from inspiration from a book called Some Birds.  The author and illustrator is Matt Spink.  All of the artwork in this book is fun and whimsical with deep rich colors and I LOVE IT!  Imagine an ocean floor with animals, plants, rocks and this mermaid, all in similar fashion.  It would be stunning!  I just need to design the rest.  Possibly an improve style on the rest and this mermaid.  So fun!

copyright Othello Quilter, #15 of 2018

I shared blocks #15a, b and c in part 1.  This is how I saw the block as a quilt.  It is a dandelion with the word in cursive in a pale, possibly sparkly blue.  The entire scene would be in white and tone on tones in shades of white, maybe even fluffy batting?  There would be a field of dandelions (the small ones in the bottom of the wall hanging) and have a blue border.  That is how I see this block and design.

Block #18 both a and b is on the left.  I was thinking of a variety of circles in rainbow colors and I started here.  I really did not like the coloring on #18b!  It made me think of a nuclear symbol.  When I was ready to create the design on the quilt I wanted saturated colors with a variety of blocks under the same concept – quarter circles.  I love a black background with deep, rich colors.  They really POP!  I could only come up with five blocks but started thinking about how great it would be to have block #18f (the sixth one) be done with FMQ as the star.  It could be on white or black but I left it white here.  I was thinking of each of the blocks to be 18″ square so the wall hanging or table runner would be 36″ x 54″.

copyright Othello Quilter, #19 of 2018I started this design after looking through a blog hop that featured Foundations, a new fabric line from Sassafras Lane with Windham Fabrics.  The fabric is a gorgeous rainbow with fun designs in white.  I was thinking of a rainbow quilt and this little block came to me.  I wanted it to be a full or queen size quilt with lots of FMQ designs that possibly repeats the design a bit.  It is #19 and designed on 2/17/18.

copyright Othello Quilter, #20 of 2018

When I go to church I am often asking people if I can take a photo of their skirt, tie, or something else.  (Sometimes I do not ask and just take a photo on the sly, shh, don’t tell.)  I see patterns or inspiration in all kinds of places!  This mandala came from the design from Valerie’s skirt in church but I used deep, rainbow colors instead of the neutrals on the skirt.  I also saw it in a 60″x60″ size.  I am not sure about the black half circle edges.  I may want them in white and the background in black.  I would play around with it when/if I make it to see which is more dramatic.  I do love the center though, it is perfect!  This is #20 from 2/18/18

copyright Othello Quilter, #21 of 2018

Sharon, another person in church, has a dark pink, quilted jacket that she wears to church.  She hung it over the back of her chair during our women’s meeting time.  I have seen it many times and never been inspired.  However, this day the light was hitting it just right.  Each diamond was lit up in the same way: the center had a line and was the lightest shade, the bottom was dark and the top was a medium shade.  It was breathtaking!  So when I should have been listening I was sketching this design – only it was not breathtaking here.  I did take a photo of the jacket.  Also, I drew flying geese shapes and needed diamonds.  FMQ to duplicate the design waould be a natural addition here too!  Block #21 on 2/18/18.

That is the next installment of my design process.  More to come at a later date – stay tuned!


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