Patchwork City QAL: Coffee Shop Block

Today is week 7 of the Patchwork City QAL!  This block is called Coffee Shop.  If you are just joining in on the QAL you can find the other block posts below:

All that you need to join is the book – Patchwork City by Elizabeth Hartman and fabric of your choice.  I chose to make my blocks in red and blue and plan on a white, tone on tone sashing.  All of the 25 weeks of this QAL will be the 5″x14″ finished size blocks.  Feel free to join with us!

The Coffee Shop block is another block that just has the dimensions of fabric to cut, no freezer paper templates.  It is nice to switch back and forth with both methods.

Here is an image of the pattern from the book.  Such a simple design that just making a few changes can be so dramatic!  I love the switched units from left to right-handed – it makes the block!Coffee Shop pattern.JPG

I wanted to try alternating the centers of my units from red to blue and back.  I only wanted to use 2 fabrics in each color for the block and then a coordinating fabric that brings them both together as the “D” fabric or top and bottom border.  Here is my block with all the fabric pieces laid out next to my sewing machine.  This helps me to attach in the correct order and make fewer mistakes – but mistakes are still often made.Coffee Shop fabric layout

Simple enough, here are a few units joined together, just awaiting the long assembly.Coffee Shop sewing

And the block is complete!Coffee Shop block complete

This is another one of those blocks that the fabric choices took longer than sewing it together!

All 7 blocks complete in the QAL:Patchwork QAL week 7

Even though when I put them up on my design wall it was random, there is an unintentional order here: angular on the bottom and more linear ended up on top.  It makes me wonder how I will do the arranging when all 25 blocks are complete – very interesting.

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