Musical Mug Rugs

Today I finished the mugs rugs that I was planning to make for the Jazz Night auction to go with the Musical flowers centerpiece that I made.  If you missed those posts the info about them are here and here.

I made four coordinating mug rugs and made quarter circles.  They do not coordinate as well as I had hoped but could go together or apart, the organizers get to will choose that.

I started with a square at 7″.  I then cut it into 2 equal rectangles and stacked them on top of each other.  Using my circle cutter I cut out a 4″ half circle from the center.  Then cut the rectangle and it’s half circle into 3 1/2″ squares ending with 4 squares and 4 quarter circles from each 7″ square that I started with.  This is all still fabric donated from Linda C.


I wanted as little waste of fabric as possible and started with the traditional way to match quarter circles: pin the middle, then both sides and sew.  Nothing was matching up and they had tucks and folds in the fabric.  I decided to try another approach.

I started with finger pressing the centers of the quarter circle and the outside counterpart.Music Mug Rug - finger press circlesNext I pinned these two parts together on the finger pressed line, right sides together.Music Mug Rug - pinning centersThen, I would start sewing right in the center of the pinned area to the edge, shifting and matching as I slowly sewed.  Ending up with only half of the unit sewn together.



I would then turn the unit over and sew the other half and press.  I did not worry about pressing to the dark side as I always do but I pressed each of them to the center.



Next I trimmed each unit and used the corner of the circle as my guide.Music Mug Rug - trimming circle

I looked at a few options for assembly.  I used 4 different fabrics to start with the 7″ squares and ended up with 16 quarter circles and their outer parts.  I originally thought I would use one of each of the sets to make 4 identical mug rugs, see image on right, but they did not look very good.  I decided to make 2 pairs of identical mug rugs and end up with 4 total.  They would still coordinate but not be the same.Music Mug Rug - fabric choices.JPG

I wanted the circle edges and center to line up perfectly so I pinned each point.Music Mug Rug - pinned sets to sew

Once the two sides were attached I then laid everything out to make sure all was correct.  Something was not quite right about one of them.  Had to fix that, insert hero seam ripper here.Music Mug Rug - tops with problems.JPG

After I squared everything up to 5 3/4″ square I was on the home stretch!Music Mug Rug - all squared up

Onto the quilting.  I was originally thinking concentric circle quilting but was running out of time.  The design department (the Hubs) suggested I do 3 random circles in assorted sizes.  That was what I did, not perfect but it made an interesting design and each was unique.  I may need to revisit this design soon.Music Mug Rug - qilting complete.JPG

I decided on the same black binding as the centerpiece and here they are complete!Music Mug Rug - finished.JPG

As a set with the centerpiece and a mug practice run.Music Mug Rug - centerpeice & mug rugs done

Hopefull it will bring our music boosters good money.  Art, in all forms, is important for our souls!

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