#30 Quilt Design Challenge 2018, part 1

I have entered a quilt design challenge!  If you follow my Instagram: @othelloquilter you would have seen many of them by now. Sandra Walker is hosting this challenge, check out the details on her blog here.  The basic idea is to create 30 quilt designs in 45 days or so.  The deadline is April 17 to have 30 designs and I am LOVING it!  It am already up to design 23 or so but wanting to reach above and beyond the goal of 30 and keep designing until the deadline.  Once you get over the fear and anxiety of designing and design just to design there is inspiration everywhere!

I wanted to share with you some of those that I have already designed today.  These will not be in the correct order but just a jumbled mess and the inspiration behind them, if I can remember.

Let’s get started!

These are designs #12 and #13.  They are splits of a quarter circle and possibly came from my desire to practice more curved piecing.  Both could be very interesting and fun to play with the positioning of the blocks once created, maybe even mixed together!

Here is designs #15 a-c.  I often think of a design and then variations come.  Sometime I end up cutting something out but it may lead to a jackpot in the end.  It is a process and that is what this blog is about for me – the process, not always the end result.

I do not like b or c – they make me think of the parts of your body that fight infections or cause illness.  Cannot come up with the technical name right now but I was playing with the center circle size and different outside shapes.  Block a is a much better starting place and could be either a dandelion or a snowflake.  (Although, it was designed as a dandelion.)


My daughter and I are reading a book called Owl Diaries about a fashion diva owl that is in elementary.  On the cover it had little flowers similar to these but I designed this in a way that could be made into a quilt.  More of those curved edges!  This shape that most quilters refer to as an orange peel could be a leaf, petal or the center of a flower.  Very versatile.  A great wall hanging to me with lots of whimsical, applique dots and FMQ!

Here is more of those orange peels!  I saw this block as a peel within a peel.  When it turned into a quilt the inside peels changed color a bit and there was lots of negative space, to continue the peel pattern and have other designs too with FMQ.  With a lone peel in the bottom corner.  I tend to design with negative space often and with a modern flair.  This design challenge is helping me to discover that and other things about my design process.  I would love to create this quilt!

I originally started with what I thought would be a series of triangles (flying geese shapes) with a variety of designs inside.  This was #17a.  When I turned it into a quilt it became just its own design.  I still need to play with the design.  I like the block – just not there on the quilt.  I will need to play with it again.

Here is #17b.  Part of that series from above.  Also – became its own design and I really like this one.  I saw it monochromatic in a table runner and love it.  Then, while coloring it in I saw this entire quilt in a rainbow and tried to draw it but it did not translate to paper the way it is still in my head.  I would love to make this one too!  It would be amazing – I may need to take an entire page to do it justice first and not just a small 2″x2″ section!

I am realizing that I am tending to do that – design in a small space and cram so much onto a page.  I am realizing that is like my life – lots crammed into a small space that I am just trying to work around it and be creative in.  I may need to fix that about my life – but there is so much designing and quilting that I would rather accomplish!

I posted about this design and the reality of it here and here.  I do plan on making many more of these designs into a reality.  This one was just first to was finished.


This started as #10, just a block – the top part.  I was reading a children’s book called Some Birds.  It had AMAZING artwork.  I will add the illustrator soon once I return home for business.  The top part of the design was a bird wing after looking at the artwork in the book.  I loved it but just created it as a block.  After being reminded that the challenge is to design quilts and not just blocks I came back to revisit.  Then I saw it – an yin & yang type of design.  All the business of life: deadlines, laundry, work, etc. versus the white space of inner peace and spirituality.  Is there a balance?  I would make it a circle shaped quilt.

Well, that is not all the quilt designs that I have created so far but those that I have time to share on this post.  I will share more later – maybe even make a few more.

What have you created today?

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