Patchwork City QAL: Escalator Block

Today is the Escalator block in the Patchwork City QAL!  All 25 blocks from the 5″x14″ size in the book Patchwork City by Elizabeth Hartman.  If you are just joining in here are links to the past 5 blocks: Dog Park blockCarpool BlockBrewery blockZoo Train block and City Hall block.

This block, like nearly all the others is made by using freezer paper templates.  Even though there is a B1 and a B2, they are the same template – just rotated to top or bottom.  When arranging the blocks the difference is helpful but when cutting they are both the same.

Here is an image of the pattern design.  Escalator block pattern.JPG

There are seven versions of the same block, just stacked.

I like to pick out my fabric and then lay them out to make sure they will work together before cutting.  I like the red, blue alternating pattern.  I also looked for center fabrics that have blues with a plaid and reds with dots and/or stars.  This will do nicely but I may just change the order.Escalator block fabrics

Once I cut all the pieces I have to lay them out besides my sewing machine to make sure I will attach them in the correct order, it is rather neurotic.

I tried to keep the same tones in each section together: a deep red with a deep blue, medium blues with medium reds, etc..  I am happy with this.Escalator block fabric layout

I started by sewing the left side triangles to the center rhombus.  Once those were pressed I then added the right side triangles.  This escalator was coming together!

Here is a few of the sections fully joined, waiting to be joined with their neighbors.Escalator block progress

Here is the completed block, after being squared up.  I did change the order and tried to make a deep tone to lighter tone organization.  There really is not enough of a gradient to tell, unless I point it out.Escalator block complete

All six of the completed blocks from the QAL in no specific order.  I probably say it every week – but I LOVE these red and blue shades!  It is not a patriotic type of block set, but they are a bit dramatic and bold – just the style that I like!Patchwork City QAL week 6

What color combinations have you chosen for you Patchwork City QAL blocks?

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