Turtle Row by Row, part 2

If you missed my other post on this ADORABLE Row by Row from the Crazy Quilter in Lind, WA find it here.  Today is about the assortment of designed hexagons, assemble and finished Row.

Triangle Hexy:

There are assorted shapes in the pattern to make many different hexagons.  This one uses 2 fabrics with this triangle.

It turns out to make these hexagons, in 2 sizes.

Turtle Row by Row - triangle hexy 7Striped & 3-Way Hexies:

The stripes hexy starts with fabric in two strips cut into these diamond shapes in the top left image.  Then the 3 way hexy also has the same shapes.  Assembly is made in a 3-dimensional way, or Y-seams, as shown in the top right photo.  The end result of the two is amazing with the right color combos.

Bordered Hexy:

The border hexy uses 3 fabrics to make.  There are 2 fabrics that alternate around the outside edge, see the fabric layout on left.  A single piece at a time to attach, trim and press, process shown on right.  Not sure why I didn’t take a picture of this one complete, but it is stunning!  There is lots of trimming and waste with this hexy.  I should have made them larger.

Here it is in assembly with many of the other hexies.Turtle Row by Row - detail 1

I started grouping them into sets so I could put them all over the Row.  Here was the first set I did.  It was interesting but not to complex to attach the smaller sizes to the larger ones.  I am not sure why I did not take step by step photos of the star hexy below.  I think it was a triangle cut out of 2 strips sewn together.  Amazing the difference these little ideas can make.Turtle Row by Row - trio of hexy makingI had to turn under all of the corners again – glue submission triumphs again!

I finally had what I though looked great and put everything onto the 9″ tall by 36″ long Row.Turtle Row by Row - layout of rowI wanted the larger turtle to look like it was eating the hexy in front of it.  I cut many more solid hexies than the pattern said.  I really liked the look of all of them together.  More is more in this case, not less is more – for me at least, I fell in love with hexies.

I used up many of the scraps and added them into the border.Turtle Row by Row - border scrapsI LOVE how it turned out!  So glad that I decided to try this one again.  You never know what you may love once you try it and give it a chance!Turtle Row by Row - finished!

It now hangs over my ironing location and reminds me to try new things.


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