Iconic Othello Water Tower, a Row by Row

I have been commissioned to make another Row by Row of the iconic Othello water tower.  The final resting place for this Row will be at City Hall in front of the council chambers.  I think they may want a Sarah, the Sandhill Crane also!

I did the design for this Row by Row.  It is from the 2017 On the Go! theme.  It fit a little bit more with the Home Sweet Home theme from 2016 but I was a little late to the party and wanted to combine the both.  Besides, the water tower is ICONIC for Othello.

Anytime we go anywhere as a family and my kids ask “Are we home yet?”

All we need to say is: “Do you see the water tower?  Then we are (or are not) home yet.”

After cutting all fabrics as the pattern instructs I drew the diagonal lines on the six 1″ squares.Othello Row - six squares with line

They are attached to the tops of the red strips that make the points for the top of the red stripes.Othello Row - red stripes with points

Those are joined to the white strips to make all the great looking stripes.  This is the bottom of the water tower.Othello Row - water tower bottom

After adding the white rectangle to the top of these stripes I rounded the top of the water tower with my easy circle cut and 28mm rotary cutter.  I did trim up the tower to make it all square and perfect looking.Othello Row - rounded water tower top

Next I added the rounded top by raw edge applique to the blue sky rectangle and added the blue sky strip to the side.  I left the top inch or so unstitched.  Then, I added the green grass base to the long rectangle.  I will need to trim a bit off the sides.Othello Row - backgrounds together

The sun in the pattern was not quite big enough for the slightly larger size that I wanted this piece to be.  I did a redesign (since it is my original design) and wanted a sun that was closer to 6″ instead of the 4″ that it comes with.  Here is the new design with the fabrics I will be using (the dotted line is the seam allowance):Othello Row - sun pattern remake

If you are unsure of how to paper piece you can find my How To directions in a post here.

I used a scrap of the yellow that was a bit to small but this is the finished rays of the sun:Othello Row - sun rays paper pieced

To attach the sun to its rays I took off the paper pattern, repressed and found the center of both the rays and sun (marked by white pins.)  I then took those and matched them up (red pin).  The ends were next matched up and pinned (more red pins).  I sewed with a 1/4″ seam and eased in the rays to make sure it was a smooth and rounded seam – that makes the rays all bunched up during sewing.  After pressing well, I then attached it to the sky background of the row with another raw edge.

The next step was to attach the vinyl cutouts.  These were both the children in black on the grass and the silver cranes in the air.  A friend cut these for me on her Cricut and are simple once you do them.  Here are the children done.  There are a variety of sizes to look like dimension.Othello Row - vinyl kidsThe steps to application are:

  1. Cut out the piece you want to attach.
  2. Weed, or remove the excess vinyl, around the edges of the piece to attach.
  3. Place where you want to attach to the project, sticky side down.
  4. Cover with another piece of fabric or an ironing sheet (I could not find mine and used a napkin – it was more about finished than perfect, and worked!)
  5. Iron for 30-60 seconds on the cotton setting and then remove the plastic carrier sheet.
  6. The vinyl cut out may need to be re-ironed (with the ironing sheet) again to make sure it fully adheres to the project.

    The final step was to attach the black border to the row.  Here it is complete!Othello Row - complete unquiltedI still need to add the words OTHELLO in red to the top of the tower and need to ask my friend to cut me another in vinyl or hand cut my own in cotton to applique.

    Another Row by Row complete, well, except for the basting, quilting, binding and delivery – but who is counting?

If you have never been to Othello and seen our iconic water tower, here is a link to images of the water tower.


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