Patchwork City QAL: Dog Park block

Here we are on week 5 of the Patchwork City QAL!  That is 20% complete!  Today’s block is Dog Park.  It is the first pattern without freezer paper templates!  It is a nice break.

Feel free to follow along or join in where we are.  We will be completing all 25 blocks of the 5″x14″ size.  Here are the past weeks: City Hall blockZoo Train blockBrewery blockCarpool block.  You will need you own copy of Elizabeth Hartman’s Patchwork City and I post the next block every Thursday or Friday.

The Dog Park pattern has many pieces, all thin strips.Dog Park block pattern

Here is my fabric selection.  It took quite some time to cut the fabric, probably longer than to sew it.  I am using scraps of red and blue from my stash.  Dog Park block fabric choice

For some reason I wanted the side border and top piece to be the same fabric, maybe to give it boundaries?  Dog parks need fences, even in quilting, right?

I have two small compartments that I have dedicated to this project next to my cutting station.  One is for all the red scraps and the other is for blue.  I can sort through them and pull out the shapes and scraps that fit the sizes I need or check against the template to see if it is the right size.  Anything that I cut in those two colors that is too small to stay in my color sorted stash drawers is relocated into these compartments to hopefully be used up in these blocks.

I laid out the fabrics in the correct order next to my sewing machine – to help in the sewing process.  I did have a bit of an overflow into the next column.Dog Park block fabric layout

I started by sewing two strips together, then to iron; back to sew those sets of two into sets of four; sets of eight; and sew on.

Here I am, ready to the sew the last strip on.Dog Park block almost done

I did use some strips that were not quite the correct length but the perfect width as the long side strip.  I attached them together – to add to that patchwork style!

Here is the finished Dog Park block:Dog Park block complete

I did square it up this time.

When cutting strips this small, 1″ to 2″, there is a lot of fabric lost to seams.  I am not sure what I was thinking but  was surprized when this happened.  I lost some of the edges to the 1/4″ seam – like the hearts on the last blue and white checkered strip.  Some of the nutcracker came out perfectly but the other strip of them were lost.  I really did not fussy cut anything on this block but just looked for pieces that were close to the sizes I needed and trimmed them to size.

Here are all five blocks of the Patchwork City complete:Patchwork City QAL week 5

I did take the time to cut them all to the appropriate size this time.  I will have to add some borders to the carpool block (second in from the right) if no other blocks turn out to be this oddball smaller size.

I am not sure if I have a favorite block yet.  If I had to choose now, it would be the Carpool block.  Those animals tuned out to look like they are gazing through windows, don’t you think?  Maybe I should change-up the names a bit.  Zoo Train would be better named as the Carpool block with the fire trucks and Carpool would be better with the Zoo Train block with the animal windows.  I wonder if I could research the background on the names of the blocks and find out her inspiration.  Was that just where she was when the idea came to her, was there a process or just a random naming once they were designed?  What do you think?

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