How To: Gadget Cushion

I ordered this roll of Gadget Cushions for work.  It is a roll of interfacing of with directions and an interfacing pattern.  There is 50 in the roll.  I wanted to try one since I thought they may make a GREAT kids or beginner adult sewing class.  I have thought about making some into kits.

It takes a 10″x10″ square ironed onto the gluey side (dotted side) of the interfacing.  I have plenty of single cake mix squares (these are 10″x10″) lying around and picked the one I liked best.  After ironing it onto the interfacing I cut on the cut lines.Gadget Cushion cutting.JPG

The strip that was cut off was folded, ironed and sewn together.Gadget Cushion straps 1

After cutting it into four pieces it was attached to the areas shown in the interfacing pattern, on the right sides.  These will become holders for things.  Do you LOVE this fabric?  I do!Gadget Cushion straps 2.JPG

The instructions became a little confusing at this part and I read on to the next step to start doing it to help me work backward to understand what the last step meant.  You sew on the separation line as a guide, nothing more.

Then attach the sides together and leave stuffing areas open.  Here it is still right sides in.  It takes on a 3D shape in the last sewing step.Gadget Cushion inside out

After turning it right sides out and fixing the corners, I then finger pressed the edges. I sewed on the “guide lines” from that confusing step above.  It creates the separation between the two padded areas.Gadget Cushion truned outside out

Next, I began to stuff the pin cushion area.  I then sewed (with my machine, if I have to hand sew it will NEVER be finished!) the stuffing opening closed.  I used a thin seam edge.  The right edge of my foot is at 1/4″.  This was close to a 1/16″ seam.  It just needs to be closed more than anything.Gadget Cushion sewing pin holder closed

I then stuffed the top portion with my 8 year-old and closed that seam also.  Again a very small, finish edge.Gadget Cushion sewn edge of top

I like to move the stuffing around after the closing stitches.  I usually stuff it the correct amount but move it away from the seam to be stitched closed.  I then have to move everything back to make it all equal.

Here is it finished holding the Hubs phone with added pins, scissors, my quilting marker and my hero seam ripper – see post about Dahlia Block, part 1.Gadget Cushion completed front

Another view from the side.Gadget Cushion completed side

This was a very simple pattern and quick finish.  It will be perfect for kids & adults in beginning sewing classes.  I even think I will make kits for less that $6 to sell at work: The Old Hotel Art Gallery, find the Facebook page here.

This could also hold a small notebook, pad of post-its, or assortment of other things.  It could hold pencils, pens and anything not quilting related, I guess there are non-quilt addicts out there too.

I love it when a good plan comes together!  Now to just plan dates for a class.

What colors or pattern would you choose to make one for yourself?


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