New Project!

Neon Orange!:

This morning I went to my charity quilting with the Lutheran Ladies and caught up on everyone’s lives since I missed last week due to a sick kiddo.

Those of us that tie the quilts all have a vote about the color of yarn that we tie with.  Usually one of us bring some color options over and lay them on the next quilt.  Usually one is the overwhelming winner.  Today we had a few jean quilts with a color.  The first was jeans with a red and white plaid, then a jeans with assorted greens.  I can’t even remember the next quilt but I was being a smart-aleck and said “Neon Orange!”

There was no orange in the quilt.  Everyone laughed and then picked an appropriate color.

A few quilts later I heard others say, “Neon Orange!” as the next color choice.  We all laughed again.

On the last quilt of the day I heard the color again but was finishing up another quilt.  I even glanced at someone walking over with yarn that color.  I thought it was more joking around.  Once I made it to the table I found this:neon orange tied quilt.JPG

I am not sure that this color would have been picked if I had not been so sarcastic earlier in the day.  But here it is, in all it’s glory: a neon orange tied quilt!  The color actually worked, mostly.

Next Project:

After that I took off to a friends LQS (local quilt shop).  It was time to pick up my winning Row by Row quilt from 2017 and pick out my fabrics for the next big project.  PJ is the owner of the Crazy Quilter in Lind.  It is a quilt shop and retreat.  I was able to stay at the retreat last year and it has amazing amenities: indoor hot tub, massage chairs, great lighting, showers from heaven and more!  Here is a link to her site.

I have decided to tackle a Judy Neimeyer quilt: Tarnished Windmill.  I found this amazing fabric called Gemstone and knew it was the one I needed to build this quilt around.  It changes shades from red to pink, orange to yellow and back to red – like a sunset.

I picked out 5 shades that worked with it: dark red, deep pink, dark orange/red, lighter orange and a yellow – mostly from the Maywood Studio Shadowplay line but a few from RJR Handspray.  I really wanted it to look dramatic so picked a rich black and gray to accent.  Here they are:next project - Tarnished Windmill

The Gemstone is at the top – stunning, right?  The windmill blades will be the Gemstone, the Lone Star diamonds are the 5 colors.  I am not sure I want to have the striped border, but I will decided that once I get there.

This is a much larger project than I have ever taken on before!  (I have made larger, just not as detailed and as many pieces.)  I need a goal date that I can still accomplish other quilting projects but make progress on this too.  I may post once a week to force myself to have progress.  It is a little out of my comfort zone, but that is good to force me to grow.

Cutting will probably take a solid day just devoted to that!  Then everything sorted into bags and work a little bit at a time.  Like eating an elephant, one bite at a time. I may have to see how some of it goes before I set that goal date.

2017 Row by Row Quilt:

I was also able to pick up my winning Row by Row quilt from 2017.  PJ had asked me to pick it up before but I was never able to make it there.  I started with a totally different Row by Row plan but changed it midway last year since the flamingos were calling to me!  I saw so many awesome, big, pink birds all over the United States.  There were many in Florida, one in Texas, Louisiana, Utah, Idaho, Oklahoma and more.  I had joined a Row by Row swap group on Facebook and we would buy kits or pick up patterns for each other and ship them.  We would pay or swap each other.  It was so addicting and fun!

I started with 2 patterns but was impatiently waiting for others to come by mail that I had arranged for.  I decided to try QAYG (see Definitions page) while waiting to distract me.  It really turned out great and I was able to win for the second year in a row!my 2017 winning Row by Row quilt - Flamingos!I did not buy any kits for these, just used my stash and fabrics I had bought to help each row coordinate with others.  I really wanted each flamingo that existed but settled on these eight, just to get completed.

I cannot remember all the names but can remember the cities.  Here is what I can remember from the top down, left to right: Gracie Lou’s from Salem, Utah; Tampa, Florida; Newport Beach?, Florida; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Venice Beach, Florida; Country Crossroads Quilt Shop in Orange Park, Florida; Idaho Falls, Idaho; and something Dry Goods in San Diego, California.

It was a really fun quilt to make and has TONS of details and embellishments.  It looks like I lost an eye in Orange Park.

Which row is your favorite?



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