Valentine’s Hot Pads

Yesterday, when I opened my Pandora’s Box of UFO quilty items in my laundry room, I found many small objects too.  I only posted about the larger items here.  One of the smaller items were these blocks and heart items I found.heart blocks.JPGThe scraps came from a friend that was making quilts for each of her eight children.  She kindly gave me all the scraps of one of the girls quilts and I was playing around with freezer paper applique at the time.

I had sewn the patchwork hearts together but not attached to anything.  The 4-patch blocks were completed.  The square in a square with the heart center pieces were also finished.  All I did for the photo was to press everything.  They were a little bent out of shape.  I found them in an old ice cream bucket with another bucket on top, both full of quilty items.

I also found these pieces, I think a heart with a scalloped border and bird.  They look a little odd since they still need to be turned under around the edge.heart birdI found a new location and worried about all the larger items and where to store them yesterday.  But, these kept popping into my mind.  I knew I needed to figure out something to do with them and fast, since they would not leave me alone!

I really love the fabric designs and how they coordinate.  As I was getting desert out of the oven a few days ago I realized that the last set of hot pads I had made were too thin and needed more batting.

I had plenty of batting that was smaller sized.  These would only make a small project, perfect hot pad sizes.  Did I have enough high loft batting?  I checked and… jackpot!  It have a new project to make.  Maybe a Valentine’s gift for the Hubs?  (He does the cooking around here, no one eats the food I cook.  I am a better baker – cookies, bread, deserts.  I have almost perfected those!)

So I took the square in a square and four patch and measured them – both the same size.  So I came up with this layout for the front for the hot pads.heart blocks setI pinned everything and wanted it to come out with perfect points.  Some of my past piecing has not been to precise when I revisit it.heart sewingAll points came out very well!  I chose this oatmeal backing and trimmed to size, about 8 1/2″ by 8 1/2″ – very generous hot pads.  Truly trivet size but I was working with what I had.heart tops finishedOnto the patchwork hearts.  Since the freezer paper did not fair as well as the fabrics I ripped that off and did not have the patience to recreate them.  I decided to do a raw edge applique instead.  I trimmed off the little bit extra around the edges, it had frayed quite a bit anyway.  I attached it by sewing right onto the oatmeal backs.  Turned out very nice.heart backs finishedI made a quilt sandwich with both of the hot pads and had to decide about the quilt design.  I needed something not to dense since it would cut down on the insulating value of the hot pad.  I still wanted to highlight the heart design but how to do that on both sides and make both sides look good.

I started by outlining the patchwork heart on the back.  Then I flipped over to the front and settled on straight line quilting.  They are super puffy.heart hot pads quilted frontHere it is from the back:heart hot pads quilted backI really liked the outcome and just need to choose a binding but still have plenty of time before Valentine’s Day.

What is on your list to make for your Valentine?


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