Pandora’s Box

I have opened Pandora’s Box!

I was looking for a Judy Neimeyer pattern that I am ready to buy fabric for and could not find it anywhere.  I asked the Hubs, the kids (I didn’t really expect anything there besides blank stares), looked around my sewing station and cutting area, on the piles on my countertops – no luck.  There was one last place that I had not looked but really did not want to: the laundry room.

Long ago when my kiddos were small, it was my sewing & laundry room.  It is this odd little pass-through space between the kitchen and the garage that separates the living from the family room.  It houses the washer, dryer, lots of shelves, a small sewing desk that is built-in and a closet.  It has no matural light and is in the center of our living space.

It was perfect when I was working on small projects and just needed to create.  I was still close to my kids and could hear what they were doing.  I had developed a heightened sense of hearing, like a bat, and could almost see what they were doing based on the sounds.  I have children like that – I needed to know what they were doing and where they were at all times!  Luckily they are a little older now and have changed, a little at least.

Back to Pandora’s Box!  I was afraid to look in there for fear of what I may find.  The sewing desk had so many piles on it I was unsure of what was even there anymore!  It was reminiscent of my Grandma’s house (she was from the Depression) with counters that could barely hold anything else since they were so full of “stuff!”

I started on the top layer and had a large tote to gather the things that needed to be moved to my new sewing area.  I sorted patterns into a pile.  The fabric from past and abandoned projects would be reorganized with my current stash.  An unfinished project here, there and everywhere!  I came upon many of those – most just needed binding!  A large stack of Block Magazine from Missouri Star, the starting inspiration for my renewed interest in quilting.  I kept adding to the tote, remembering why and who projects were started for.  I had cleared down to the wooden top on about half of the desk and my tote could not hold anymore!  I had also made a few piles in other locations to be relocated.  There was still more but I needed to stop and was far enough down that it was possibly 8 years back in the strata of the pile, maybe only 2 – who knows!

Here is the OVERFLOWING tote!Pandoras Box, boxed.JPG

My new sewing area is downstairs so I took it there to unpack and reorganize.  Here are the larger UFOs.  Most of those on the back of the loveseat are already quilted and have an identical set on the backside.  I think I made them to send to my mom and sisters (I have 4, each in a different state).  The pumpkins my mom made for me from a class we took together before I moved to Washington state; it is the ONLY FINISHED item I found!Pandoras Box, laid out.JPG

There were two twin size quilts that were also needing to be bound.  I made then for my two oldest boys when they were in bunk beds.  I wanted them to coordinate but reflect each of their personalities.

My oldest has always loved dinosaurs and even though he is now 14, he still has a fondness for them.  This is his quilt:Pandoras Box, N quilt

He now has his own room and it is no longer a twin he sleeps on but a full.  I also found a few blocks that I may be able to add to the side and attach by quilt as you go (QAYG) to fit his current size.  They are laying on the right side of the image.

I did the quilting on my aunt’s long arm that lives four states away.  We went to visit my parents one summer and I took this with me.  It is a little primitive compared to my current abilities.  I also should have picked another color of quilting thread.Pandoras Box, N quilt close up

Here is my second sons quilt, he is still on a twin bed.Pandoras Box, K quilt top

I ran out of time after doing the other items so I asked my aunt to quilt this one and I would pick it up before I returned home.  She did this great job and added my son’s name, at my request.Pandoras Box, K detail

I will need to talk to each of the boys about if they want them or if I should finish and give away, after removing his name of course.

I even found the bill still pinned to the quilt, those are prices from LONG AGO!Pandoras Box, quilting costs

Another lost object was this flimsy (see Definitions page if you do not know what this is).  I started it as a spring quilt for my own bed and looks like the top is complete, just needs to be quilted and bound.  It is a Missouri Star pattern with lots of borders, just cannot remember the name!

There were MANY small projects, all unfinished too!

So many items, what to do with them all?!?  Now that I have opened Pandora’s Box of my quilting past I will need to decide what to do with each one!

What is your version of a Pandora’s Box?


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