Evening on the Pond Block from Dreamcatcher: Round the Year Quilt

Today I finished block 2: Evening on the Pond, of the Dreamcatcher, Round the Year Quilt! This comes from an amazing quilt I found on Pinterest and followed the links to Mads blog.  Find the complete free instructions and pattern here..

Check out my Dahlia (block 1) posts: part 1- paper piecing and part 2- assembly.

Here are my fabric choices: 3 shades of blue, 1 yellow, 1 golden and 2 orange shades.  I chose fabric patterns that I would find by a pond: flowers & butterflies.

Evening on the Pond fabrics

I started making this block yesterday and posted about How To: Paper Piecing.  I made the inner blocks that are just strips while making that post even though I only posted about a single block.  Here are the inner strips complete and the scrap pile from them.

I started making the flying geese, here are the paper patterns.Evening on the Pond outer patterns There are 4 sets that are all the same so I started with those.  Then I ran into a bit of a problem, UGH!  I was going so well there.  Seam ripper to the rescue, just so difficult at this stitch length!Evening on the Pond outer mistake

Got those sets done and trimmed!evening on the pond geese 1

Onto the colored flying geese!  I loved the progression of these and took a few photos.

As I worked along and trimmed the excess off I would take out those pieces that were big enough to go into the scrap piles.  I organize my scraps by color into these little containers (orange and yellow share a container.)  They were for food originally.  I stack them on top of each other and only use the lid on the top container.  If they are full enough I could put lids on and still stack them on the corner of my cutting area.  Here are the scraps from the flying geese sets.evening on the pond geese scraps

I laid out all the pieces next to my machine to make sure I could attach them correctly when sewing.  I noticed that I did the bottom left strip set incorrectly – it needed a dark blue strip and it has a medium blue – oh well.  I do love the progression of color on the outside of the flying geese!evening on the pond sets layout

I was down to all the quarters together – the end is so close, so excited!evening on the pond quartersHave the two halves left to sew together and then noticed this: totally wrong!  UGH!evening on the pond problem

One side should be yellow to orange and the other orange to yellow – NOT yellow to orange twice.  I think what happened was that I sewed the wrong sides together (or left side once matched up and should have sewn the right side) and unpicked it.  I should have laid them out again then, because I sewed it correctly and the other one was wrong.  So I fixed the correct one and made it match the wrong one – if any of that makes any sense – anyways, that is how I arrived here – WRONG!

I showed my little miss and said I would have to unpick that entire side.  She explained that it would be right if I just did what the picture below shows.evening on the pond solution

Perfect little 8 year-old mind to the rescue!

I did fix it and came out with this!evening on the pond complete

It really does look stunning and I love the color combos that Mads came up with.  These are NOT my colors when I pick something out but enjoy a little change of pace, especially with these results!

Here are both blocks together:dreamcatcher -2 blocks

I plan to add the outer edges of all blocks together.  I need to find the perfect background fabrics to really set these off!  They will each be 18″ squares when complete.

I do like to keep track, at the end, of how many pieces is in each block.  Dahlia (on the right above) had just over 85 and was super complex for me.  (I need to practice curved seams more.)  Evening on the pond has 156!  It was still a much simpler and faster block.  Maybe I should keep a tally somewhere of how many pieces this quilt will be in total?  It will be exciting to try the next block soon, I have a few other items I need to finish before I can think about tackling it.

I shared how I keep my scraps under control.  How do you tackle yours?  (Please answer in the comments.)

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