Patchwork City QAL: Carpool Block

Here we are, already on week 4 of the Patchwork City QAL.  This week is the Carpool block.  Click on the links to see the past blocks: block 1 – City Hall, block 2 – Zoo Train, and block 3 – Brewery.  Come quilt along with me!  You will need the book to participate.

This block, like the past blocks, uses a freezer paper template.  All of the templates are found in the back of Elizabeth Hartman’s book.  Here is the pattern page from the book.Carpool block pattern.JPG

After I created the template I picked fabric and did a mock-up to make sure I was happy with what I had.  This time I wanted blue as a background.  I noticed I had used red as a background more often and wanted to change it up.  There is also fussy cutting options on this block, like many of the others.Carpool block fabric choice.JPG

Once all the pieces were cut I did the fabric layout next to my sewing machine to help in the sewing together.  I make fewer mistakes this way!  I wanted the giraffe on the top of the block since they are taller than lions.  I also tried to make the plaid pieces line up as close as possible in the middle section.Carpool block pieced layout.JPG

The center diamonds go together like a log cabin, with angles instead of straight rectangles.  They lined up nicely, just not perfectly.  Giraffe is still on top here.Carpool block sewing 1

Once I created the two smaller rectangles I needed to square up the blocks.  They were a bit unruly.  I worried more about the 1/4″ from the points to make sure I did not lose those than the proper size.Carpool block sewing 2

Once I attached the two I realized there was a problem… giraffe is not the tallest anymore.  Sad face.  My 8 year-old daughter, home sick from school today, was “helping” me in the process and actually had tears over where the giraffe ended up.  The plaid did not line up either.  I only thought about changing it for half a second – not worth it.

I do like the fussy cut centers.  This is a fun design of a block too.  I have really begun to enjoy fussy cutting.  I think I was always secretly afraid of it before and thus scoffed at it.  It is not that scary, especially with these templates.  I have even let it drift over into other blocks and designs I am working on.  Learning and trying new things is always a good thing.  Forces you out of your comfort zone – you never know what you make turn out loving or being great at!Carpool block completeAll four weeks of the Patchwork City QAL are shown here.  Not sure why the carpool lane is much smaller than the others.  It will probably not be the only one or I can add borders later to make them all the same size.Patchwork City QAL week 4I hope you have enjoyed this and want to quilt along with me!  Next week will be posted on Thursday or Friday and will be the Dog Park block which has no templates!  Have a great weekend.


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