Landscape Wall Hanging

The last of the 4 part series of how I finished up my American Made Brand Block of the Month from awhile back.  See Fall Leaves Pillow, post 1; Agriculture Wall Hanging, post 2; and Small Pine Tree Wall Hanging, post 3.

I started out with this plan for the landscape wall hanging.  It was not quite what I wanted and had already taken out the trees to be on their own.AMB BOM design landscape (2)I then changed it to be a vertical hanging and played with the placement for a few days.

I started quilting in the center block, the canyons.  I used up the rest of the brown thread – yea!  I quilted the big rocks in horizontal straight lines and the brown rocks in vertical lines.  I used stitch in the ditch quilting for the gray ground but I wanted to do something different for the sky and water.  I did wavy lines on the sky and still used the feed dogs.  The water was accented with waves and a little FMQ (free motion quilting).  I like how it turned out.AMB BOM landscape canyon quiltingNext block for quilting was the mountains.  I really wanted windy sky, more windy than the canyons block.  I was really brave and used my quilting marker to draw LOTS of wind.  I haven’t done major FMQ since my Pfaff “it doesn’t do FMQ” fiasco (read about that here.)  It was time to try it again and this was the block!AMB BOM landscape mountains quilting planI am out of all blue and blue-like thread, so I used a fine gray.  It started out great and was not exactly “on the lines” but really showcased the wind that I wanted.  Don’t look too close at the stitch lengths but I was happy with how it turned out.  I need to try more of this!  The lakes (the odd triangles in blue at the bottom) were more wavy lines and the green fields were jagged lines depicting plants.AMB BOM landscape mountains quiltingOnto the sunset of the top block.  In a variegated yellow I wanted the suns rays to shine and left the center of the sun after stitching in the ditch around it.  Besides I had no orange thread either – HINT, HINT: Hubs, if you are reading this – Valentines is coming and thread would be a GREAT IDEA!  The water needed the correct FMQ design.  The last FMQ went well and I wanted real waves, not just wavy lines.  I drew that with my marker and used a monofilament thread.  It did not turn out as I had hoped.  I will need to practice that design later – anyway, it was done!  (Sometimes that is more important than perfect.)AMB BOM landscape sun quiltingBefore I had a melt down over the binding color I thought it would be interesting to do the same color as the agriculture wall hanging – it could tie them together.  Here is it complete!  (Even outside, since it is a landscape scene.  Everything is still dead here from the winter.)AMB BOM landscape completeI even hung them together on the wall – nice pair!AMB BOM landscape & agSo that completes my American Made Brand Block of the Month UFOs. Yea for done!

What projects do you have lurking in dark places, waiting to be finished?


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