Small Pine Tree Wall Hanging

In the shuffling of the landscape and agriculture blocks from the American Made Brand Block of the Month finish, this block was left out.  Pine trees did not fit with landscape nor agriculture.  It really was my favorite block of the set of nine so I decided it needed to shine and have a space of its own, a small wall hanging.  It measured 12″ x 12″ as a block.AMB BOM tree block

I squared it up, found a backing and made a quilt sandwich.  I chose a high-loft batting.AMB BOM trees sandwich

I wanted to play with the quilting inside the green flying geese trees.  I started with stitch in the ditch and added a few angles.  See How to: Stitch in the Ditch Quilting post for a tutorial.  This is how the center, larger, trees turned out.  I really think it looks stunning.AMB BOM trees quilting detail 1

I felt like the smaller trees on the side would be overpowered with all of these details but wanted to have a similar design.AMB BOM trees quilting detail 2

I also did stitch in the ditch quilting around the tree trunks.

With the batting so fluffy I felt like I needed to sew around the edge to keep it all together.  It would help when I was binding it too.AMB BOM trees quilting finished

I really liked how the quilting turned out.  I may have to play around with this design as a quilt in the future – varying sizes, quilting details and shades of the same color full of trees made from flying geese.  Geese are my favorite quilting block!

I wanted a binding that would not stand out and just blend in with the small wall hanging.  I found a flannel in a cream that matched perfectly with the cream on cream backing.  I needed 50″ and found something that was 42″ long.  I added a short piece to the binding.  I wanted to try backstitching both sides of the short attachment since often when binding my attachments e to want to come undone from to the pressure I put on while binding.  Hopefully this would work.AMB BOM trees binding close up

The binding turned out great!  The backstitching did the job.  All the points of the trees had the perfect placement and corners lined up wonderfully.  All this practice everyday is really perfecting my skills!AMB BOM trees complete

This small pine tree wall hanging will have a great place on my stairs!



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