Murder Mystery BOM!

I joined a murder mystery quilt block of the month (BOM) from Whip Stitch – check out the details here.  As I write this there are 3 days left to join!  It is a mystery block every month and a chapter of the murder story.  As you complete the monthly blocks you can post them to their Facebook page: Murder Mystery Quilt 2018, to receive an extra clue.

Some friends joined last year and invited me to join this year.  I am not a fan of mystery quilts but thought this would be an interesting twist.  I don’t think of myself as a mystery fan, but after looking at the list of shows I have watched and am currently watching on Nextflix, I think I am a closet fan!

Here is the fabric I chose for the supplies:Mystery fabric.JPG

As always, I am a rebel and did not follow the directions.  I wanted to use this Kaffe Fassett fabric called Big Blooms in red that I bought on a whim.  I thought it would be great to fussy cut the flowers and possibly use as a border.  All the rest came from my stash.  I could always add more later if I needed more yardage for the quilt.

Here is the block pattern for this month:Mystery 1 pattern modifications

The original center was made with 4 pieces sewn together so I needed to basically redesign the block.  I used algebra, lots of it!  Do you remember from high school or college math the equation a* + b* = c*?  Just replaced the * with squared, I can’t figure how to make my laptop do those little numbers.  I used that formula and rounded up to make a block on point work for my fussy cutting.  I wasn’t sure it would work but wanted to try.

I first picked out from my fabric selection and narrowed it to these:

Both looked great but I am much more of a bold, statement maker and chose the darker purple.  Besides, I have lots of it!  I went to the store to buy fabric to finish a quilt and did not take a swatch, dumb.  I was sure this was the correct color, eggplant I think.  It was not the right color and I had bought 3 yards!  The correct color was indigo – UGH!  Will not make that mistake again.

I fussy cut the flower to a 5″ square.

I loved the look of the floating square on a square but it was a little more difficult to recreate in my version.  I made flying geese that were a little over sized intentionally so I could cut them down.  It was a bit of trial and error.

I kept sewing and trimming, sewing again.  Then there was the unpicking, see the top one – I reworked that about 3 times!Mystery 1 geese e

I centered the geese on the fussy cut center and trimmed the excess.  Mystery 1 block trimThe other two sides I wanted longer but wasn’t sure how long.  Had to do a “measure to get it right” test.Mystery 1 block with geeseCenter of block complete – looking good!Mystery 1 block center complete.JPGNext came the purple outside edges.  Did a mock-up (laid the fabric on top) with a 1/4″ seam allowance to see what the size would be as is.  A little too large at 13″ when needed to be 12 1/2″ square.Mystery 1 block mock upTrimmed a little off the white edges and attached the purple corners.  Nearly perfect size!Mystery 1 block complete.JPGWow!  Turned out great & the hypotenuse math worked!  I love the colors – what do you think?

I wanted to keep all these fabrics and instructions together.  Otherwise I may use them for another project, or collect dust & cat hair.  I found a shoe box of my daughters that never was thrown out.  It fits everything perfectly and it will live beneath the ironing station in my sewing space until next month, when the mystery continues.



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