Fall Leaves Pillow

I decided to finish some of those WIP (works in progress) that I posted about awhile ago, see that post here.  I wanted to start by tackling the American Made Brand block of the month pile.  It was focused on “Land of the Brave” and really stretched by quilting skills at the time.  It was 9 months and 9 blocks.  I did not follow their fabric requirements, instead used what was already in my stash.  Here all 9 of them are.WIP AMB QALThere was a problem, they really didn’t coordinate because of the stash thing.  So now I had to figure out what to do about that.  I organized them into: landscape, agriculture and other.

The fall leaves block ended up in the “other” category.  I wasn’t sure what to do with it so I just left it at the bottom of my design wall and worked on the other sets and how I best liked them together.

That lonely little block kept calling me.  I finally looked at it and realized I had some poly-fil in a bag that I never planned on using.  It could make a nice little pillow.  I did have a love seat in my sewing area that it would look good with… fall leaves pillow it is!

I found a backing that I thought coordinated well and was not already reserved it for another project.   I squared up the block and cut the backing just slightly larger by 1/4″ and attached it with 1/4″ seam.

I left an opening, backstitching on the edges, then turned it right side out and pushed out the corners.  I decided to iron it and make it look nice.  It also helped with the closing step later.AMB BOM leaves pillow form.JPGI pulled out the poly-fil and started by filling the corners first.  I then took small handfuls at a time and filled the center of the pillow.  After rolling it around and repositioning the stuffing a few times I was happy with the results.  Sometimes, less is more.  I even rested my head on it to make sure it was just the right amount of filling.AMB BOM leaves pillow stuffed

It was time to sew up the opening.  I decided to sew the entire side so the opening didn’t look too awkward.  I started at the corner and sewed with a 1/8″ finishing stitch, making sure the opening was fully attached.  I was glad that I ironed it at the beginning.AMB BOM leaves stitching closed

Here it is on its new home, the love seat near my sewing station.AMB BOM leaves pillow complete

Now my kiddos will have a little pillow to cuddle with or rest their heads on and still be right next to mom.

Here is a close up of the fall leaves pillow, it really turned out great!AMB BOM leaves pillow close up

Tomorrow is part 2 of the “What to do with this set.”

What WIPs or UFOs (UnFinished Objects) do you have lying around?


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