Sandhill Crane Design – DONE!

I started a design for a Sandhill Crane awhile back (read about that here) and ran into some problems with the bill (or beak.)  I needed to put it away and revisit it when I had a break.  Well, the break is over & I have completed the design!Sandhill Crane flimsyI will post the instructions and fabric requirements at another time – this is more about the design process here.  It still needs to be quilted and bound too.

The bill gave me so many problems in the last design post but I finally liked the way it looked in the second version.  I showed it to a friend & she pointed out it was the WRONG COLOR!  Sandhill crane bills are black, not yellow as I had made it.  Crap!  So I began again, using black this time.  After all the Patchwork City QAL posts I had done with freezer paper templates I thought I would try that method.  I cut a piece of black fabric the size it needed to be.  Then cut a piece of freezer paper the same size and traced where I wanted the bill to be.

The edges were the exact size but I need to add the 1/4″ seam allowance to the angled side, or the hypotenuse of the triangle.Sandhill Crane bill 2

I found the center of the black fabric on the short side and finger pressed it, image on left.  I then took the blue background and hung it over by 1/4″ so the seam would be right between the two pieces, see the arrow in the right photo.

I had to sew from the blue side so I could follow the line.  As always, using a 1/4″ seam.  Then ironed to check, & pray, that it was correct.  YEA!  Success, whew!  That little portion of black showing at the top would not matter.

Here it is with the rest of the crane.Sandhill Crane with billIt was time to sew up all those little pieces and test this whole concept out!  I began by cutting the bird into 3 sections of 12 blocks wide and 10 blocks tall, that made 3 sections.  I felt like there was just too much to sew all together.

I did a quick re-ironing of the blocks.  It had been awhile, I wanted to make sure all squares were still attached correctly.Sandhill Crane re-iron

I started by sewing across the crane, across the 12 block direction.  I folded the interfacing together and used a 1/4″ seam from the back just sewing strips.  I completed each section this way with all strips in the one direction.Sandhill Crane sewing 1After the section was sewn in all one direction I set each seam (left) and then ironed the seams all in the same direction (right).  It does help to pull it when ironing in the same direction so it does not bunch up.

Here are the legs completed in just the across direction.  It does look a little odd this way.Sandhill Crane sewing 2I did this method with each of the three sections.

Next, I sewed the opposite direction, or the up and down way.  I again folded over at the joints of the individual squares of fabric.  It was easier to sew in the other direction with the seams facing down.Sandhill Crane sewing 3Set the seams and iron a direction again.  This time I ironed the seams in opposite directions for each section of bird.  This help with nesting seams when attaching the sections together.Sandhill Crane ironing 4Here is the center section completed, from the front.Sandhill Crane center doneLast step – sew all sections together.  Sandhill Crane flimsySome seams did not line up perfectly – that was ok, I was on the home stretch of completion!  Still a few stray threads to clear or check on too.

I decided I did not want a binding to detract from the “blockiness.”  Tomorrow I will do a “how to” on finishing without a binding, or a pillowcase binding, then quilt & be complete!  WooHoo – almost done with another one!



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