Patchwork City QAL – Brewery block

Today I am ON TIME!  I originally announced the Patchwork City QAL would be posted weekly on Thursdays or Fridays.  Well, week 1 (City Hall) was on a Wednesday, I think.  Week 2 (Zoo Train) was on a Saturday.  Here is week 3, on a Thursday!  It may take 3 tries, but I can be on time.  Woohoo!

Come along for the wild ride and participate in this quilt along with me!  We will be making all 25 blocks from Elizabeth Hartman’s book in the 5″x14″ size.  You will need your own book.  Today is the Brewery block.Brewery block pattern

This block also needs freezer paper templates.  I am hoping that we just get them all out-of-the-way at the beginning of the QAL and can do some blocks with just regular piecing later.  I don’t mind them, they are just not my favorite.

Here is my fabric selection, just in the correct order, not cut yet.  I like to have the visuals to make sure they will all play nice together.Brewery block fabricI have a bit of fussy cutting to make this plaid line up just so.  I wanted to iron it on to make sure the templates did not slide while cutting.Brewery block fussy cutting

All of the fabric pieces laid out in the proper order.  It helps in sewing the correct pieces together.Brewery block fabric layout.JPG

In order to have the perfect seams the angles need to hang over just 1/4″ so the needle and thread will come between the two, image on left.  Once ironed, the top edge of both fabrics are a continuous line, photo on right.

I began by sewing both triangle pieces on each side, making rectangle rows.Brewery block sets

I lay my pieces out after each step to ensure it will go together smoothly.

I then used pins to line up the edges of the blocks.Brewery block matching seamsOnce all the rows were sewn into a column, I then squared it up, cut the borders and laid it all out, again.  The blue plaid that I fussy cut worked out much better than last weeks.

Completed Brewery block.Brewery block complete

I have a bit extra all around and will trim once I assemble all the blocks into a quilt.

Here are my 3 completed blocks of the Patchwork City QAL.Patchwork City QAL week 3

Next week will be the Carpool block.  Join me on Thursday or Friday (hopefully not Wednesday or Saturday) to make your block too.  Feel free to post photos of your blocks in the comments.


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