Posting everyday goals SUCK!

I started with a goal of posting on this blog everyday.  I did not have an end goal in sight – when I had enough I could post a little less often.  I am nowhere near there.  Maybe at 100 posts, but not at less than 25, which is where I am now.  UGH!pexels-photo-515171.jpeg

Here is my process for posting here:

  1. Make an item, hopefully start to finish.  Sometimes these are 2 or 3 posts per item if they are big, like a 50″x50″ quilt – maybe 3 posts: design, making and quilting/finish.
  2. Take photos along the way of steps, mistakes, process, crazy ideas that come along the way.
  3. Once said item is finished, transfer the photos to my laptop.  This is sometimes a bigger process than the making of the item.  I scrimped and saved to buy the perfect laptop that was to be a blog only laptop.  Sometimes it will communicate with my iPhone, sometimes not.  I have discovered it is more likely to download the photos if they were taken that day.  Most past day photos will not be recognized at all, it depends on the emotional state of my laptop at the time – I assume.  There is probably a rational explanation, but I cannot figure it out.  Maybe I should ask my 10-year-old son to fix it – that is more likely than figuring it out myself!  I sometimes resort to emailing the photos that do not transfer to myself and retrieving them from this temperamental laptop.  (Insert eye roll here!)
  4. Crop and name all photos.  I have begun paying more attention to the quality and background of the photos I am taking so I can spend less time here.  No one wants to see mostly tabletop with a small item.  I crop that out for both of our sanity.  I rename the photos so if internet searched they might come up, otherwise “IMG4256” will never be found and could be the MOST AMAZING QUILT EVER that you needed to make for yourself or someone else.  I am at this point for what I wanted today’s post to be, but need sleep instead.
  5. FINALLY, write the blog post.  Giving details, explanations, laughing at my crazy mistakes/design process/thoughts in general, instructions and more.  Adding the cropped and named photos along the way.  Often forgetting some crazy item or essential piece.
  6. Spell check.  It is so important and often I forget until I hit publish, then remember to fix that, and do.  I can’t imagine life without red underlined words – all that time I spent daydreaming in grammar classes!
  7. Set up the categories of the post (so you can search later) and featured image.
  8. Publish.
  9. Often go back and fix one more thing I forgot to add, or spell check.
  10. Many times adding a word or two into the definitions page (have you found that yet?) Check it out here.
  11. Rest, spend time with the family, sleep when it is a late post.  More often than not – think about or start the next days item to post about.

What goals have you set that make you think about forgetting, changing or chucking out the window?

Oh, that’s right, I need to spell check!


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