What I am Reading

Show Your Work book

 I saw this book on my Mom’s dresser the last time I went to visit.  I asked if I could borrow it and am SOOOO GLAD that I did!

Show Your Work! is actually book 2.  Steal Like an Artist is book 1.  I need to request that from my public library.

This has 10 ways to be creative.  Each is broken down into little ideas in each of those 10 master sections.  I LOVE that!  I could easily read this book of a little over 100 pages in one sitting.  I started doing that and realized I was missing too much!  I now try to read one small sub section each night.  Then I can marinate on the idea before I fall asleep, or even the next day.

Here are some of my favorite ideas so far:

  • You Don’t Have to Be a Genius
  • Share Something Small Everyday
  • Think Process, not Product

I have taken many of this ideas into my blog – or tried too.

There is often a quote in each sub section.  I really need to write the great ones down and keep then somewhere, refer to them often.  Here is one of those great quotes: “A lot of people at so used to just seeing the outcome of work.  They never see the side of the work you go through to produce the outcome.”  -Michael Jackson

What are you reading?


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