Patchwork City QAL – Zoo Train block

Today is block 2 of the Patchwork City QAL.  This is part of a weekly QAL (quilt along) that you are invited to participate in with me.  See block 1: City Hall here.  You will need the book: Patchwork City by Elizabeth Hartman to participate.

Here is the page and image of her block.Zoo Train block - patternThis block requires templates.  Mine are out of freezer paper and original size.  I needed to add 1/4″ to all sides when cutting.Zoo Train block - pattern piecesHere is my fabric selection.  I like to lay it out in  similar manner of the block to make sure it will work.Zoo Train block - fabric choiceI wanted to try some fussy cutting and feature the fire trucks in this print.  My Hubs is a volunteer fire fighter.  I thought this would be perfect for this last remnant of fabric I made a pillow case out of a few years ago.

Here they are with the freezer paper ironed on to make sure I had the right spacing (left) and the final cuts (right).  There are a few missing corners and a little short in places but worth it to feature the fire trucks and hydrant.

Next I cut the rhombus shaped pieces (at least that is what I think they are calling that shape in school these days!)  I needed 4 of each and stacked them together to cut: 2 reds and 2 blues.Zoo Train block - cuttingBefore sewing I like to lay everything out and have next to my machine, to make sure I will attach the correct pieces together.Zoo Train block - step 1After sewing one side together, then the next I lined them up.  Each piece had a bit of a bias cut to them.  That was nice when I needed to make some fit and bad because I had to make some fit.  A blessing and a curse – at the same time.  I ironed each piece towards the darker side, but wished I would have done one side up and the other down so I could nest seems a little better.Zoo Train block - step 2I pinned each of the seams in the effort to have them line up perfectly.Zoo Train block - step 3After both sides are sewn together.  There is a bit of a pucker on both of those reds (on the right).

Next, I squared up the block and added the top corner pieces.  Here it is completed.Zoo Train block - finishedThe trucks are a little upside down.  Will need to check that next time I fussy cut something.  I like the fire hydrant at the top but it looks odd next to the blue.  Sometimes done is better than perfect!

Here are both block 1 and 2 together.Patchwork City QAL - 2 blocks

Please join me near the end of each week on this Patchwork City QAL.  We will be doing all 25 blocks in the 5″x14″ size.

Which block is your favorite?



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