PB&J Quilt Instructions

As promised, finally the instructions for my PB&J Quilt!


7 fat quarters in various colors and/or designs

2/3 yard sashing

2/3 yard border

Here are the fat quarters I started with (picked by my 8 year old daughter):PB&J Quilt - fabrics

Cutting Blocks

Cut the fat quarters into strips – each will have the same cuts and be used completely.

1″x 21″, 1″x21″, 2″x21″, 2 1/2″x21, 3″x21″, 3 1/2″x21″ and 5″x21″PB&J Quilt - cut strips.JPG

Block Assembly

Place all same size strips in piles in the following order: 5″, 1″, 2 1/2″ that will be called AB (see photo on left) and in another pile in this order: 1″, 3 1/2″, 2″, 3″ which will be named CD (see image at right.)

Sew strips into two sets (AB & CD) according to the order given above.

Sub cut those sets into 3″ wide, cutting across the strips.  Do this to both AB & CD sets.PB&J Quilt - cut strips again

Arrange 11 blocks with 4 AB and 4 CD in each block.  Only one of each set in a line and alter the directions (BA next to DC, CD by BA, AB with CD, etc.).  Try to make sure there are equal amounts (or close to it) of each of the 7 fabrics in each block.  There will be 2 half blocks that will be made with the remaining.  Sew all 11 (photo shows 12, but only make 11) blocks together and square up to 15″x10 1/5″.


Cut sashing into 7 strips of 2 1/2″ x WOF (width of fabric, from selvage to selvage).  Sub cut 10 strips at 15″.  Use these to assemble 3 columns in the order of the photo below:pbj-quilt-sew-sashing.jpg

Make 2 strips that are 50″ long with the remaining and add as sashing between the columns.  Make sure to align the center of the column sashing with the center of the block adjacent.  See photo below.PB&J Quilt - align sashing

The sashing between the columns will be too long; so will the center half blocks on the top and bottom.  It is better to be a little long than a little short.  Trim this off once all is assembled.PB&J Quilt - to much better than not enough (2)


Cut 5 WOF strips at 3 1/2″ from border fabric.  Make 2 borders at 48″ long and attach to the top and bottom.  Make 2 borders at 54″ long and attach to the sides.  Here is the finished quilt without borders, quilting or bound.PB&J Quilt  - just without border.JPG

Bind and quilt.

PB&J Quilt will finish at 55″x55.”

I hope you enjoyed these instructions on the PB&J Quilt, an original design by me, the Othello Quilter.  To find out more about the design process of this quilt check out my post here.  Follow for more quilts, instructions, ideas and more!


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