Design Process – PB&J Quilt

Today you will have a sneak peek into the design process BEFORE the finished product.  This is backwards from the plan for this quilt, but sometimes things don’t work out as planned.

I had an epiphany for this quilt in the middle of the night a few nights ago, something that often happens to me.  I get up to feed the cat and BANG!  Inspiration.  I usually have to write it down or it is gone before I am coherent in the morning.

This inspiration came with the quilt, cutting, supplies AND name.  It usually is only a part of that list, rarely all 4.  I often have to work out the rest.  Here it is as it came to me in the night:PB&J Quilt - inspiration

There is ALWAYS modifications along the way.  Here are some of those along the way in notes:PB&J Quilt - modifications on paperThe block size changed in the reality version.  The cutting amounts and sizes were altered.  The arranging and OCD version also was modified.

I do have plan of contacting a fabric supplier and making another with one of their fabric lines and driving more traffic to my blog – but felt like I needed to make a “tester” quilt first before I do that.

I decided to make the tester PB&J Quilt for my daughter.  She needed a little attention and I hoped this would help.  I went to my stash and let her pick whatever she wanted.  I showed her my fat quarter piles and said to pick 7.  She made about 30 “maybes,” 15 “really want these” and a few “no.”  We then narrowed the piles into what could work together, about 12, and those that would not, the rest.  She had to pick the best 7 from those.  Here they are:PB&J Quilt - fabrics.JPGAll were batik and looked great together.  Some of them ended up looking too similar, but I never would have known that unless I let her pick them out.

I cut them into strips, using the FULL 18″x21″ of the fat quarter.  Except I cut 1 wrong!  Instead of cutting it along the 21″ side I cut the 18″ side – UGH!  I would have to see if I could get it to work out.

I lined up the strips in the order I wanted to sew them but kept them in a “no 2 of the same together.”  I really had to force myself to NOT be OCD about this.  PB&J Quilt strips to sew

After LOTS of sewing, and a break of looking for keys, I had the 12 blocks all sewn and laid out on my design wall.  I liked the accidental layout on the wall better than what I had drawn on my original plan.  Adapt and use what works best, right?

Here is the original plan, shown in the top row:PB&J Quilt - version 1.JPGI really did not like the continuous row.

Here is the second version, with the soon to be owner:PB&J Quilt - ownerI only had to do sashing and border!  While nearly finished with sashing I texted a photo to a quilting buddy and asked for advice on quilting.  I had an idea in mind but was not sure it would work.  She then totally rearranged EVERYTHING!  Well, not everything.  And, it was for the better.  I also decided at this point that I wanted to enter it in the Tri-Cities Quilt Show.  Just force me to do my best for the contest.

She asked about moving the center column down a bit so the sashing does not line up.  I moved it while I was talking to her and kept talking.  Then I realized, it LOOKED SO MUCH BETTER!  Here it is:PB&J Quilt - still needs border

She also pointed out that there is no peanut butter in my PB&J Quilt – just jelly.  She was right.  I explained that my “adult” PB&J is on seeded whole wheat and Nutella instead of jelly.  That is a totally different color scheme!

Secret: I rarely square things up.  I did need to since the color would show through in the sashing.  I squared up at this columns stage.PB&J Quilt - cut at end

It still needs a border.  I was planning on white, but the Hubs “design department” thinks gray – which I do not have at home, but can pick up tomorrow.  Since it will be my daughters and dragged around the house, picnicked on and all sorts of things.  I realized that I would be happier with gray for the tester PB&J Quilt anyway.

So, there is are a few versions of my PB&J Quilt, the soon to be owner and a peak into the “crazy” and accidents that go into designing a quilt.  Tomorrow, I plan to post the actual instructions, supplies and assembly.  See you then!



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