Works in Progress (WIP)

When I started this blog my goal was to post every single day.  I have learned that is harder than I thought.  Some days go well, other do not.  I knew there would be crazy days, busy days, days I had no time to sew but I still wanted to do it.  It was my choice & no one was holding me to it, except me.

I had this plan of starting a great block of the month that I found with paper pieced 18″ blocks that are all circles in shades of blues with yellows and oranges.  I even picked out fabrics from my stash a few days ago when I should have been working on something else.  Today did not go as planned, at all! 

The Hubs asked where the car keys were this morning.  I was the last on that drove it.  I looked in the usual spots with no luck.  We then looked a few more places – still no luck.  After searching for nearly an hour, both of us, there was still no success.  I had a meeting and he had a job (he is a handyman).  We ended up using the neighbors car, thankfully!

We have narrowed it down to just under 24 hours since we knew where the keys were and still have no clue!  I have looked under all the furniture in the house, inside most furniture, through all of the laundry, the garbage, all folded clothes, fridge, cabinets, countertops, drawers, shelves & more.  Think of all the places you have been in your house in the last 24 hours: in every room and near almost every item – right?  What a disaster!  We both prayed about it, still no inspiration.  I did find a pair of fingernail clippers in the fridge though, bright side!

So, my intended relaxing day of sewing, starting a paper pieced block of the month has not happened.  But still, I must post.

I have given up looking a multitude of times thinking if I just do something else and turn my brain off of thinking about and looking for keys, then it will come to me.  Still no luck – I am hoping for the 3AM epiphany at this point.

In one of my searched areas I came across this pile.  It is right above my sewing machine.  Most of it is works in progress, abandoned for one reason or another.  I organized and looked through just a portion of it.  On top is the beginning of a design for a current project on my design wall – another sneak peak.WIP pile.JPGNext is the cut pieces, pattern and a started block for Tessalla, a quilt class that I took from a friend this fall.WIP Tessella

Next is a quilt I started with my second son in an attempt to get him interested in quilting.  I wanted him to enter it in our local Adams County Fair.  I found a great pre-cut called Military Max, I think, and ordered a few in the 5″ size.  I showed him the fabrics and let him pick a design he liked.  He just wanted simple pin wheels with a cool border.  He sewed a few and was bored.  I decided to take over.  This is how far we got but used the method How To: Half Square Triangles (HST)  WIP pinwheels

Beneath that was my dino stack & whack octagon pile.  These came from a retreat class I took at The Crazy Quilter  in Lind, one of my LQS (local quilt shops), taught by Alice Schultz.  It was a fun retreat and I just need to assemble the pieces.WIP dino stack & whack

Assorted patterns, designs, scraps of paper with past epiphanies and such were scattered throughout this pile.

Following was a quilt flimsy I made for my youngest son.  It was based on a woven-like design I saw on Craftsy and then modified to work with a jelly roll I had – Sun Prints 2016 I think.  Just needs a back and to be quilted.  Need to make a pile for just needs to be quilted.WIP woven blocksHere is the first QAL (quilt along) I did.  This was from the American Made Brand quilt along called America the Beautiful.  It was 9 blocks, one a block a month.  I was so excited and did month 1 and 2 on time, then got about 4 or 5 months behind, then caught up by the end.  It was a challenge.

I get about this far each time: I pull them out, put them up on the design wall, then can’t figure out an arrangement that I like.  I usually leave it for a few days, rearrange a few times, then put away again.  I used fabrics from my stash and not the”required list”.  Still love the blocks – just not together?WIP AMB QALWhat else is left?  This pile is growing!

This is a churn dash pin wheel quilt I made for the Hubs.  It is his & my favorite colors.  It is from a Missouri Star pattern, modified.  Just needs a back and to be quilted – added to that pile.  This is the very quilt I talked about in the How To: HST.WIP churen dash pinwheels

Another flimsy for the pile and another Missouri Star pattern.  Of course I changed it!  More fabric from my stash and not so happy with the turn out.  Wish I would have been better at the fabric selection.  These ones make us grow and learn from our mistakes.  More HST here too!WIP rainbow HST

How many works in progress can one have?  I have them stashed in the most random places: my dresser – not sure why on that one, the laundry room, assorted places in my sewing space, taking up space on my design wall & other places I have probably forgotten.  This is just the pile on the right above my sewing station.  I also found fabric in this pile that should have been in the fabric bins – moved them there.

These two were on my design wall for quite some time, taking up space but not being finished.  I was not ready at the time to fold them up so they were moved to the front of the bookcase with books holding the top edges, blocking the books completely.  I did this hoping that seeing them so often I would be inspired on what to do next: borders, pillow for the small one, make more and enlarge, something else entirely?  So many choices!  Sorry for the blurry picture.WIP Darth & NeimeyerSo, there is a preview into some of the works in progress, and insanity, of the day and my life!

I found the keys the next morning – in the Hubs robe pocket.  I was the one that put them there, UGH!

What works in progress do you have?


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