Delectable Flowers – Moda QAL

I was following a Moda Bake Shop Quilt A Long (QAL).  This one was called School of Sewing and was during the fall.  You can find the QAL here.

It was designed by a variety of Moda chefs.  Oda May, the facilitator, took many blocks from different quilts and combined them all into this beautiful & large quilt. Moda QAL SOS uncomplete.JPG

The instructions were to use a layer cake to cut up, some background & an accent fabric.  I chose this batik layer cake and black tone on tones as my background.  Really striking, don’t you think?

Week 7 had many people really frustrated.  You can find the complete instructions for week 7 here.  The original design is called Delectable Flowers Quilt by Cathy Smith.  I really wanted to do a blog post about making this block – it really is gorgeous but somewhat tricky.

Delectable Flowers supplies.JPGUse 2 pieces of a layer cake (10”x10” each) and 2 back ground squares the same size.  Layer on top of each other (not like picture.)  Both of my pieces were double-sided or no right sides.  Both batik and solids (the background fabric I chose), have no right sides or wrong sides.  This was VERY convenient.

2 batik and 2 background were needed to make a single delectable flowers block.

Cut layered fabric into 2.5” strips, 4 of them.  I cut this last piece wrong, at 2” (on the right).  I wanted to see how it turned out so just went with it.  Sometimes mistakes turn out to be awesome!

Delectable Flowers cutting 3Without moving the 2.5” strips, cut on the diagonal across the 10” square.

Delectable Flowers cutting 4Take the stack to the sewing machine.  I have to keep them organized or get lost!

Delectable Flowers cutting 5It was easier for me to see the cuts and future pattern when I stacked them this way so I could sew the correct pieces together.  I wanted to make sure I sewed all the blocks in the same direction.  (See those completed above my current project, same directions.)

Starting with the smallest corner of background, matched to the longest batik – I offset the background by ¼”.  The key is to sew right into the corner with your ¼” seam.  Press to the dark side.  Trim.

Delectable Flowers step 3

Do this to each strip.  I am a serial chain piecer!

Delectable Flowers step 5Once all strips are sewn, layout again to ensure correct sides will be sewn together.

Delectable Flowers step 6Sew into a unit and trim to 8.5” square.  (This was my “mistake” cut block – can you tell?)

Add a 2.5” square, sewn on the diagonal, to the batik corner.  Press & trim excess.  Do this to each of the blocks.  I LOVE how these vibrant batik are coming together with the black!

Delectable Flowers step 9Add 4 blocks together with alternating colors to form a single delectable flowers block.

Delectable Flowers completed blocksA total of 4 delectable flowers blocks were needed in the School of Sewing QAL.

Can you find my mistakenly cut flower?  In this flower garden, not all flowers are the same, just like in a real garden.  GRIN!

This block was a bit of a challenge, but once I laid out each step, over and over, it made it much easier.  Now just to finish the entire quilt & get it off my design wall!



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