How To: Stitch in the Ditch 2, the details

Today I wanted to show details of how I stitch in the ditch quilted each block.  See part 1 of how to do stitch in the ditch quilting here.

I finished the binding this morning on my Red, White and Blue Stars quilt.  Here it is:Red White and Blue Stars finish quiltI chose a blue background with red and white paisley.  I wanted something with all three colors and a print since all the rest is solids.  Here is a detail of the binding:Red White and Blue Stars binding detail

When I picked up this UFO (UnFinished Object) I had already made the quilt sandwich and stitch in the ditch quilted around the outside of each block.

These examples below would have been a little bit different if I would have done that quilting.  I felt it was more important to show how to start thinking like a stitch in the ditch quilter than modify my starting point.

My first continuous stitching thread I outlined in black.  The secondary, if any, is in purple.  The third is in green.  I added a small gray arrow to pin point where I began.

Block 1

(These are not in any order from the quilt.)stitch in the ditch detail, block 1_LII actually did this stitching in one continuous stitch but wanted to show that I started in the top corner, traced around the “X” shape of the block, then focused on the interior of the block.  I did a bit of over-stitching on this block.

Block 2

stitch in the ditch detail, block 2_LII started my stitch in the ditch quilting at the intersection of the dark blue triangles, or center of the pin wheel.  I then did the outline of the diamond.  I stitched out and back on the corner piece of the dark blue and across the block diagonally.  I then started a new stitch and did across the quilt (shown in purple) the opposite direction.

Block 3

stitch in the ditch detail, block 3_LIThis entire block was all one continuous stitch in the ditch.  I started just off of center (shown by the arrow without a number) and went in the direction of arrow #1.  At the top of the blue triangle I then turned (3) and began outlining the entire red triangle (#4-6).  Once the red triangle was complete I then finished the blue triangle (#7) and crossed the center to do another pair of triangles (#8).  After doing all the triangles I finished by going back to the staring point.  I did not start in the center because I felt it would be easier to avoid stitching over the thread tails if I started off-center.

Block 4

stitch in the ditch detail, block 4_LIReally any intersection of the center “X” could have been the starting point.  The same for most of these blocks.  I began the quilting by going around the star and then the cross through the center of the block.  The purple line was a second strand.

Block 5

stitch in the ditch detail, block 5_LINearly any point could have been a starting point here, hence no gray arrow.  I stitched around the blue diamond first (shown in black), then the center red diamond 9marker in purple).  I finished this block by doing each of the outside red triangles (the green lines).  There was a total of 6 separate thread strands on this stitch in the ditch block.

Block 6

stitch in the ditch detail, block 6_LIThis is another block with a single continuous strand.  I started by going around the outside of the star and then completed the center diamond.

Stitch in the ditch is almost like a thinking game – challenging me to figure out how to use the lowest amount of thread strands possible.  Often the corners are not the best place to start.

I hope you enjoyed this how to and learned something new about how stitch in the ditch quilting.  Which block is your favorite?



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