Touching Points Quilt

I wanted to enter another small quilt into the Aurifil/Moda Challenge – only I just finished it and it was due on December 1 – oh well.  It got me started and now was the time to finish!

I started with a mini charm pack called For You from Zen Chic for Moda.  I love to open a pack and lay it all out to see how it all looks together and if they all “play nice.”

I then took it to this point – a quilt top only, or a flimsy.touching points flimsy

I really like how it looked and decided to call the design: Touching Points, or the Touching Points Quilt.  There was so many ideas I had that played on words like: corners, points, squares, intersecting, etc..  I had fun with that part.

I made a quilt sandwich by layering the quilt top, then the batting, then the quilt back.  I pinned the three together pretty close.  I did this on my kitchen table, then put back on my design wall to make sure it was even, straight & no puckers.touching points quilt sandwichA close up of the sandwich. On a quilt this size there needs to be overlap of an inch or so on all sides of each successive layer.touching points quilt sandwich close upI had other plans on the quilting but at the last-minute had an epiphany!  I wanted to make concentric circles on the quilt.  I had never tried this before – there is a first time for everything!  I wanted a very organic, not perfect circle with slightly varied spacing.

I started right in the center.  It quickly grew and became easier to rotate.  I found myself forcing it through at first and the stitches were off, but soon realized that I didn’t need to do that and just let the feed dogs do their work.  I was able to relax a bit more too.

The quilting finished.  It looked even better than I had hoped!  I was so pleased.  I love the precise squares with the organic circle quilting.  I want to try multiple concentric, quilted circles that overlap in a future quilt.  The quilting really takes center stage with this design.

touching points quilting finishedI used Aurifil thread in Bubblegum, it is another variegated – LOVE THOSE!  A few close-ups to show the pink shades on the gray & white.

Next was the binding to complete.  I cut the excess batting  and backing off and squared up the quilt.

It measured 23 1/2″ on all 4 sides.  The original contest was for a quilt no larger than 100″ in perimeter.  Not bad!  I was beginning to impress myself.

I pulled out all my pink stash and “auditioned” most of them next to the edge to see what I thought.  My 8-year-old daughter was close by and felt she was REQUIRED to give her input too – since it was pink!  I narrowed it to these two choices and decided on the tone on tone.  (I have been known to take a quilt at this point into a fabric store and text multiple “audition” photos to quilting buddies for advice when I can’t make a decision!)

touching points binding audition.JPGI cut enough binding for the perimeter plus a bit.  I cut my binding at 1 1/4″ – this works perfect for me.

I had 2 squares left over from the charm pack that I planned on placing within the binding.  I just wasn’t sure how & wanted them in certain places.  I sewed the two mini charms together, then cut them to 1 1/4″ strips.

I attach my binding from the back.  I used my quilting marker and marked the area I wanted the extra charms to be, on the back so I could see it.  Once I was close to the area, I cut the binding strip – making sure to stop sewing a few inches before that.  I then attached the charm strips to the binding I had been working on and the other side to make a continuous binding strip.  I then went back to where I had been sewing, do a back stitch or two and continue sewing.  Then the pieces were in near perfect placement.

I turned the quilt over and attach the binding to the front.

This binding really turned out GREAT!  I am becoming a binding rock star!  All the binding practice has paid off.  Here is a close up of the binding with those awesome circles.touching points quilt close upAn image of the back of the quilt.  No real attachment for me – just donated fabric that I was happy to use up in an improve format.touching points quilt back

And the finished Touching Points Quilt!  I think the pink binding really works and I love the extra charms included in the binding.  I really would have been pleased to enter this into the contest.  There WILL BE a next time, on time next time!

Now just to figure out how to write a pattern and submit it for others to duplicate.touching points quilt


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