Finishing the Yellow Flower Improv, a Row by Row

I last finished with this piece in this stage: ready to be quilted.  (You can read about it here.)  Then the whole Pfaff divorce happened.  (Read about that disaster here.)  I had decided to do a cross hatch quilting, my largest to date and then avoid the FMQ disaster.

I really wanted the flower to be puffy and tried something that I wasn’t sure would work.

I put a layer of batting under just the flower, quilted around the raw edge without any backing, then cut it out right next to the edge.  I really need small, sharp scissors for this but made due, added that to the supplies I need list.  I then made quilt sandwich and basted it as normal.  The flower still had a double layer of batting.

I started the cross hatch by marking 1 inch lines along the bottom and sides of the inset.  I only wanted the cross-hatch design on the white background so the appliqued items would really stand out.  Next I took the 6.5″ square I was using and made diagonal lines with my quilt marker (this comes off with water & was a great purchase!)  I quickly graduated to a longer ruler.  Some of the line were not perfect, I just drew the correct ones and planned on following those.

I used this attachment that came with my machine (in the foot compartment) but I am embarrassed to say I have no idea what it is called.  I will call it the “width measurer distance thingy?”  I secured it to the width I needed and used it as a crutch to make sure my lines were parallel and happy, like little soldiers.  It was VERY helpful.

I had only drawn lines up so far, partially in fear and I was just planning on trying the whole thing out.  It was working so great I just continued with my “width measurer distance thingy” and skipped over then items I did not want to quilt.

I do have to say that the ric rac stem is adorable but such a PAIN!  See all these skips over it?  To do it again in the same way I would leave it off until all the cross hatch quilting was done and then attach it!  UGH!

When I got to the small portion of the top I had to re-draw the lines.  My “width measure distance thingy” was only so good!

IMG_3930After I completed all one direction it looked great… and I needed a break.  I have to admit, I seriously considered just doing it the single direction.  (See the double full flower?)IMG_3932

I took it to the design department (that is the hubs) and told him I was thinking of only the single direction.  He actually said: “Sure, if you only want to half-ass it, that looks fine!”

I did refrain from throwing something at him.  In exasperation, I told him, “You really know what to say to me to get me to do something!”

He was right, again.  I hate that.

So I decided to actually calculate what it takes to NOT half-ass something:

  • 1 spool of bobbin thread
  • 40 minutes of sewing
  • a few deep breaths, maybe a word or 2 under my breath
  • and a gazillion cut threadsIMG_3938

Here is the finished product:IMG_3935

MUCH better in a cross hatch design!  So glad did not “half-ass” it!  The double full flower worked out too!

Next was the border quilting.  I had planned before the divorce to do a cool swirly border design and now decided on a simple double frame.  I used Fantastico, 40wt thread in a variegated yellow.  I LOVE veriegated threads!IMG_3939I did stitch in the ditch in white right on the border and the yellow for the double frame.

Here it is finished before being bound.

IMG_3942A few detail shots:IMG_3950IMG_3933IMG_3936IMG_3941IMG_3947I bound it in white, it really made it pop!  Don’t you think?IMG_3951I added bee antennae with a fine sharpie marker.  If I wait to do it as handwork – that will NEVER happen.  IMG_3946

I wanted the large flower to be off the edge and onto the binding.  I left that part not fused and waited until it was bound.  I then unstitched the edge that was there that just held everything in place.IMG_3949

I stitched the edge, twice – like the rest of the flower, over the binding.  It was thread painting to finish the edge.  It worked out just as I had hoped!

Take that Pfaff for my machine not doing FMQ!  I will just have to explore other quilting techniques for the time being.

I am SO HAPPY with the results!



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