My nearly 20 year love affair is over!


My nearly 20 year love affair is OVER… with my Pfaff that is.

I asked for a sewing machine the birthday before my wedding.  My mom bought me this one.  At the time it was nearly $700!  I had no idea it would be so expensive, especially the month of my wedding.  She explained that she wanted me to have a good machine, since I probably wouldn’t be able to afford one for a while.  She was right.

I have used this machine for many things – making kids clothes, fixing kids clothes (mostly holes in knees with my 3 sons), making assorted household items & learning to piece, quilt & bind.  (Those last 3 being my favorites.)  It really has been a solid, long-term relationship in my life.  Sometimes a bit neglected, other times loved and used like a work horse.

Last year I started Row by Row for the first time.  I loved the idea of a challenge and wanted to win!  I really am not a competitive person, until that idea of WINNING FABRIC really got ahold of me!  I began sewing nearly everyday from then on.  I did win that first year, 2016, and the next, at one of my LQS (Local Quilt Shop), the Crazy Quilt Store in Lind, WA.

Then to starting this blog and all the things that, to me, go with having a quilting blog.  I really wanted to further my skills with FMQ (Free Motion Quilting).  I had seen plenty of tutorials and other things about how “Any Home Machine Can FMQ”.  I had done it, with my entire 2017 Row by Row quilt; but it was a PAIN!  I had to practically grip the quilt sandwich with both hands and force it to do what I wanted.  (Yes, the feed dogs were down; yes, I was using a FMQ foot; yes, I was doing all the “proper” things.)  The mechanism that holds the foot was the real problem – it was putting too much pressure on the sandwich.  Thicker seams and applique were really disasters since I would often get caught on them and have to fumble my way around them.  THERE HAD TO BE A BETTER WAY!

I decided to go to a local Pfaff dealer and try a new FMQ foot, or ask for help, or something!  I just knew they would help.  They are an hour away, one way – one of the joys of living in a rural town.  I took my machine with me and a small, trial quilt sandwich.  They were no help.  They finally suggested going to a repair place and asking them to make an adjustment to the foot pressure.  (There is no dial to do that on my machine.)  That sounded reasonable, BUT then I would need to adjust it back to do ANYTHING else – piecing, fixing knee holes, everything else.  I was bummed for the rest of the day.

I realized that was NOT the solution.  I decided to call Pfaff.  (I had already looked extensively at the manual online.)  I talked to a very nice woman with a Tennessee accent.  She explained that my machine was NOT MADE FOR FMQ.  I should buy a new machine and tell them that is what I would like it to do.  That didn’t sit well.  I explained, as sweetly as I could with my frustration level, that IF I did buy another machine it CERTAINLY WOULD NOT BE A PFAFF!

I was grouchy, & a bit prickly, for the rest of the day.

My hubs said we should just buy a mid-arm machine for me.  (Like a long arm machine, but smaller.)  I loved the idea, but financially – that was a long way off.

SO, the love affair is OVER!  We may still have a working relationship, but that is all my little, pink Pfaff!  Only until I can find other arrangements.


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