Yellow Flower Improv, a Row by Row

The first Row by Row pattern that I completed this summer was this pattern from Cotton Pickins in Stanwood, WA.  On the Go, the Row by Row theme for 2017, was such a fun theme and these little bees were perfect for that.  Also, I am partial to bees.

I completed two rows to the assembled stage and then decided to go an entirely different direction and make my quilt all flamingo rows.  This was one of those assembled ones before the flamingo inspiration, see how wrinkled it is?

Now that we are in January I decided to go back to those assembled rows and do something with them.  One of my goals is no more UFOS!  This is the stage I picked it up from.  (There is a green ric rac that is the stem.)IMG_3777.JPG

I wanted to make an improv border and pulled out all my yellow scraps.  I wasn’t sure there was enough and didn’t make any decisions about the width, yet.  I sorted them into: triangles, weird – whatever shaped, square-ish, rectangle-ish & larger pieces but still scraps.

I started combining the pieces according to size – somewhat.

These fit together, those could work & wonky didn’t matter.  I just didn’t want the same shade together – my only rule for this creation.

A few more attachments.

I only cut when there were longer pieces that can’t be attached anyway.

Slowly things were coming together and taking shape – and a size, about 2 1/2″ wide.

IMG_3783I loved the improve look but needed to cover more space.  I cut strips at 2 1/2″ wide of assorted yellow fabrics, whatever lengths they already were.IMG_3784

I wanted to see how close I was and how much more I needed.  More improve, more strips – getting closer.IMG_3785

After I had plenty of border and a little to spare I arranged for the final time, checked that the ric rac would still work and attached all the pieces together.  Then cut all borders to the 2 1/2″ width.IMG_3787 (2).JPG

Finally added the black top once the border was finished.  The side of the flower will still be off the edge, but I could attach that to the binding and liked the wonky-ness.

I loved how it turned out!

Do you participate in Row by Row?  Do all of your Rows make it to quilts?

Now to the quilting tomorrow.


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