NO New Year Resolutions!

I was asked to share at church 3 things that I learned in 2017 and if comfortable what some resolutions are.

I sat down and thought about that and realized that I do not set resolutions anymore.  I set goals when I realize I need them, throughout the year, but no resolutions.  I wanted to share some of that talk here.

Successful Goals

When I set a goal I have realized that there are a few things that I need for it to be successful:

  • Say it out LOUD!  I usually say this to my hubs, but someone else works too – depending on what it is.  You need and accoutabili-buddy, this helps in making it real and having someone to check on you and you to answer to.  Sometimes this could be you.
  • Write it down.  Without this step it is still just a daydream.
  • Make a plan of attack.  When I finally said out loud to the hubs that I wanted to start a quilting blog he told me to create my plan.  I came to him with a list, simple enough I thought.  He said to “Try again.”  He gently pointed out that there was no dates, no specifics – UGH!  He was maddeningly correct, sometimes I hate that.  I reworked it and added dates, more specifics, costs, future plans, expansions & the like.  It really forced me to look at it like a business plan.
  • Post it somewhere.  Look at it often.  Often to each person may be different, but look at it somewhere.
  • RECALCULATE!  We all have the greatest of intentions and dreams of reaching our goals but life gets in the way.  We need to recalculate and re-figure our goals.  Sometimes change them completely depending on circumstances.  That is just fine, make it yours.

What I Learned in 2017

  • Doing scary things is good.  Sometimes we need to go outside our comfort zone to grow, learn and just to feel alive.

Last year at family reunion, I watch my brother say to his 3 year old son: “We have to do hard things.”  That really resonated with me and I think of it often when I see something hard coming my way.

I read a book last year called Super Rich by Russell Simmons after a suggestion by someone.  It really made me think.  My take away from the book was: Do what you love, what you are passionate about, and give it away.  Don’t worry about making money from it – do it because you love it.  It may eventually make you money because others will see your love and it will become contagious.  Even if there is no monetary reward, you are still doing what you love.

I am currently reading Show Your Work, 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered by Austin Kleon.  I could easily read the entire book in one sitting but am reading only small sections at a time.  I really what each thing to marinate with me and think about each of the little topics.

If you have to eat an elephant, do it one bite at a time.  When you have a HUGE task, it can’t be all accomplished at once.  There are LOTS of little things, and some big ones, along the way that need to be tackled.

  • We have NO CONTROL of our lives.  How we react to those changes we do have control over.

There are changes that happen all the time that are out of our control: financial, job, health, other people’s choices.  We can let these changes make us stronger – or destroy us.  That is our choice.

God does have a plan for us.  We have to accept that and choose to follow his plan or our own.

  • I am NOT perfect – just accept that!

I am a list maker.  I often make “To Do” lists.  They rarely get done.  I find myself crossing off one thing to add three more.  Sometime I write things down just to cross them off and feel some accomplishment.

In my family of 6 I am the laundry do-er.  However, with my three boys, ages 14, 12 & 10, they have to do their own laundry.  Just wanted to give full disclosure – just in case there is a smell it is NOT my fault.  I start the laundry on Monday.  My goal it to finish two loads a day, only 2.  My weekly fantasy is to have it finished by Wednesday night.  This rarely happens.  Sometimes it is done by Friday, other weeks Saturday, sometimes I add the next weeks laundry to the piles I never finished.  It is like a breeding, living thing once the dirty laundry makes it to the laundry room – never to be mastered.

In a church talk by Elder Jeffery R Holland he said:

“My brothers and sisters, except for Jesus, there have been no flawless performances on this earthly journey we are pursuing, so while in mortality let’s strive for steady improvement without obsessing over what behavioral scientists call ‘toxic perfectionism.’  We should avoid that latter excessive expectation of ourselves and of others.”

“Brothers and sisters, everyone of us aspires to a more Christlike life than we often succeed in living.  If we admit that honestly and are trying to improve, we are not hypocrites; we are human.”

It is just fine if my “To Do” list is never fully accomplished and just grows longer, that the laundry multiplys on its own or that my house dust bunnies have grown into dust buffalo.  I am doing the best that I can – and that is what I can do!

What did you learn in 2017?




  1. This was a great post, and I love that you quoted Elder Holland in a quilty blog! That talk of his was one of my favorites. Fun to read through your blog and to get acquainted with you!


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