A Contest for Little Birdies

I really wanted to expand my skills and decided to enter a contest sponsored by Aurifil & Moda.  Their parameters were to use a Moda pre-cut fabric and Aurifil thread.  It had to be small: 10″x10″ to 25″x25″.  I was in!  I looked through all my Moda pre-cuts and found one that I loved & come up with a plan.  I chose Little Ruby in a 2 1/2″ square and a green Aurifil thread (can’t remember the color name).  IMG_3241

I had to lay out all the fabrics and look at the patterns – my OCD is showing!

I wanted to use my tumbler template from Missouri Star that I bought long ago & never used.  Here is the template, beautiful scraps and the design in my notebook.

IMG_3250The seams must be staggered a little to make a straight line once attached and pressed.  All the seams ironed the same way on each row help the nesting of the seams too.

The size really didn’t work out as planned – but I was happy with the look and small size.  IMG_3379I outlined each of the tumbler shapes with the green thread to set them off.

I then wanted to applique three birds on the center panel.  I traced these onto the paper backing of the interfacing with the fabric square behind so I could maximize the small square.  After attaching the birdies I wanted to do some thread painting for the tree limbs they were standing on.IMG_3380I used a quilt marker that erases with water to free-hand some lines to have a general idea of what I wanted.  Using that green Aurifil thread I created a wood-grain or tree look; at least that was the goal!IMG_3385

Attaching a binding in white really set it off & done!  I think the birdies need little white eyes, but that is a project for another day.  It measures 11″x14″ and is perfect for a wall hanging.IMG_3382

ANother something to stretch the skills and force me to make something new.



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