A Bowl Cozy

What on earth is a bowl cozy you may ask?  It is like a hot pad, but for a bowl – & these can go in the microwave!

I found a tutorial online and these are very simple – once you start them.  You may notice that they are all purple – another gift for the hubs, purple is his favorite!

After making them I want to figure out how to make them for a casserole dish too.  How often do you make something for a church party or other event and take with your hot pads, only to forget them.  I think this would be great for that too!IMG_3338

Start with 2 squares of fabric (100% cotton only) that are the same size, around 10″ x 10″.  Cut batting the same size for each, also all cotton.

Other forms of fabric, batting & cotton could be used, but NOT for the microwave.  With my boys I knew it would have to be all cotton so there would be no fires.IMG_3339I think one of my kiddos deleted some photos from my phone – there were a few other great shots that I took.  Sew an “X” in each square (with 100% cotton thread) and it’s batting.  Sew some puckers and trim the edges so they sit like this.

Nest the one inside the other with batting side out on each.  Sew a 1/4″ seam around the outside edge leaving space to turn it right side out.IMG_3335Top stitch around the outside edge and fold in the raw edge from where it was turned inside out.  Viola!  Bowl cozy is complete!  Now to design a bigger one – and take it to a party.


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