My very first blog post!

Creating a blog about quilting has been a daydream for some time.  I finally said it out loud about 4 months ago to the hubs.  I then set a plan of attack: needing a home computer, content, ideas, supplies (fabric) & such.  I started saving money, little here and there for a new laptop – a dedicated blogging one.  All of that has brought me to here – finally doing it!

This quilting adventure of mine is scary, exciting & breathtaking at times.  It makes me actually want to say – “Am I sure I really want to do this?  Can I be successful?”

My terms of success for this is to just share – my ideas, my patterns, thoughts on quilting, sure making a bit of money to further this adventure would be great, but it is about the journey to become a better quilter.  So jump aboard and take this journey with me!


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